King Charles might need to reward these two 'unsung heroes' of the Royal Family, according to expert

As 2023 ends and King Charles’ first year as monarch is over, a royal expert believes some changes need to be made. Do you agree with Richard Eden?

Richard Eden thinks these royals are 'unsung heroes'
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Richard Eden thinks these royals are 'unsung heroes'

2023 has been a very eventful year for the Royal Family. From attending a royal wedding in Jordan, to having the first coronation in 70 years and a scandalous royal book from Omid Scobie, this year has been a lot!

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Not only that, everyone in the family has entered a new chapter. Since the Queen’s passing and the King’s ascension to the throne, the roles have been shuffled. The most significant ones are of course those of Prince William and Kate Middleton who became the Prince and Princess of Wales. But they aren’t the only ones whose role shifted.

Now, royal expert Richard Eden, believes that it is time for King Charles to continue the shuffling by promoting these two royals.

The Duke and Duchess should be promoted

In his column for Daily MailRichard Eden calls the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh the ‘unsung heroes’ of the Royal Family. As such, Eden believes that their titles should become hereditary. As it currently stands, nothing promises their son James the title of Duke when his father dies.

It is important to note that a Dukedom is usually hereditary and inherited by the next male in line. That is not the case for the Dukedom of Edinburgh. For Eden this is an injustice which needs to be fixed by the King.

He writes:

It is sometimes easy to forget that the Royal Family is much more than just our monarch. And I would like to highlight two of my unsung royal heroes of the year: Prince Edward and Sophie,
With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex having quit royal duties, or “forced” to quit, as Prince Harry preposterously claimed in the High Court, and Prince Andrew no longer a “working royal”, Edward and Sophie have become even more vital to “The Firm”.

It is true that since the number of working royals has decreased, the couple has had to step up. They have done so quietly and efficiently, with no fuss. In 2023, it was revealed that the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh were the third and fourth hardest working royals. They ranked above the Prince and Princess of Wales who are at the moment the youngest working royals in the family.

Richard Eden’s opinion on the Dukedom of Edinburgh

Though Richard Eden’s opinion on the role the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh have played since the Queen’s death is pretty spot on, there is one aspect of his column that is creating waves. It is titled:

Second-class titles are an insult to heroic Edward and Sophie, says RICHARD EDEN.

That is a phrase which he has reused on X to promote the piece. Calling the title of Duke of Edinburgh ‘second-class’ can be seen as very harsh and uncalled for, considering the fact that it is one of the most important in the Royal Family.

Indeed, while Queen Elizabeth was on the throne the Duke of Edinburgh was her husband and that is a title that was given to him when he married her. The Royal Family website also specifies that it is a title which has been seldom created. Before Prince Philip received it in 1947 it had been created only three times.

Moreover, the Dukedom of Edinburgh comes with great responsibility. As we’ve pointed out before, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh are among the hardest working royals with 141 engagements for the Duke and 114 for the Duchess.

Eden’s opinions creates waves

We aren’t the only people who were surprised to see Richard Eden call the Dukedom of Edinburgh a ‘second-class’ title. Under his post on X users are also a little taken aback.

One writes:

Second-Class titles?? The dukedom of Edinburgh is second class? The Late Prince Phillip was/had a second class title? I don’t think so. Phillip wanted Edward to be the next Duke of Edinburgh.
Where is this rating coming from? Is it because people think Edward is an unsung hero because he’s a second class Royal? He isn’t. Edward is not exposed to the public as much because just like the other Royals, they don’t sell as much as a story of the Prince Harry and his wife.

Moreover, it appears that Eden’s proposal for the title to become hereditary is not a popular one but not because people don’t appreciate the work of Prince Edward and his wife but because they believe the title should be created for other members of the family.

Yes Edward and Sophie do an awful lot, but the Edinburgh dukedom should go to Louis or Charlotte one day. I feel like they are going to be very busy senior Royals one day, so that title will be put to good use.
We may never be sure but I have a sneaky feeling that this dukedom will be given to whoever takes on the work of the Duke of Edinburgh award after Prince Edward . It will either be Louis or Charlotte. This way the legacy of the name continues.

What do you think? Will the title go to Prince Edward’s son or do you think one of Prince William’s children will inherit it?

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