Prince William: Royal expert claims the heir has been put at the centre of succession talks in the Palace

Royal experts have claimed that talks of succession are currently ongoing in the Palace and Prince William is 'at the heart' of it all.

Prince William Prince Harry succession
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Prince William Prince Harry succession

The lives of the members of the British Royal Family are dictated by many rules. While each member has a role to play, some have a bigger role. Indeed, the higher they are in the line of succession, the more is expected of them.

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The concept of the line of succession is simple and follows the circle of births and deaths. Becoming the monarch isn’t a simple, and there are many technicalities that contribute to the process.

As the current climate with the Firm is rocky due to several members not being able to perform their official duties, it has been put forward by a royal expert that succession talks are currently happening and that Prince William is excluding his younger brother.

Prince William at the centre of succession talks

As the heir to the throne, Prince William is reportedly at the centre of these succession talks. Talking exclusively to the Mirror, royal expert and author Tom Quinn explains that not only is Prince William the base of the talks, but he’s also a strong advocate for keeping Prince Harry out of them.

The expert also says that Prince William wants to keep his brother out of the Royal Family’s business and not have him help while their father, King Charles, is recovering from his health issues.

Quinn explicitly told the Mirror:

William is adamant that he does not want Harry involved in any aspect of succession discussions or in planning for counsellors of state to help out if and when it becomes necessary.

Then adding,

And as the next in line what William wants William gets.

The fundamental place of Prince William in those conversations was reportedly given by King Charles himself who recognises that his son, as future monarch, needs to be ‘at the heart of succession planning.’

On that Quinn expands and says:

Charles is also aware that, as future king, William is at the heart of the succession planning that is taking place right now

However, that doesn’t explain why Prince William supposedly wants his brother out of those conversations. On that, the expert also has a theory.

The reason why Prince Harry is excluded

In his exclusive talk with the Mirror , Tom Quinn puts forward the idea that Prince William’s desire to keep his brother at bay is linked to a lack of trust. He says:

Succession planning is highly secret and no one trusts Harry to be part of it for the simple reason that if he feels in any way slighted or not given what he feels he deserves he will run straight to the media.

This idea of a lack of trust between the brothers isn’t just Quinn’s. Other royal experts and authors have addressed it. In People, author Robert Lacey stated:

This is all to do with William’s wish to protect the institution of the monarchy, which he feels Harry can’t be trusted with.


I don’t think William will ever agree to readmission of Harry into the family unless he clearly apologizes and moves forward,

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