Prince William is making big plans for the monarchy but could he really bring change?

Prince William went on a four-day visit to Singapore for the Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony. At the end of his tour he showed significant ambition.

Prince William King Charles Royal Family
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Prince William King Charles Royal Family

Prince William attended the third edition of the Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony just this week. Though this is a one-day event, the royal also took the opportunity to meet with locals and organisations in order to learn more about how they ‘are working to protect and restore our planet’.

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His visit was very publicised also because he went to Singapore by himself as the Princess of Wales attended royal functions in the UK. At the end of stay in Singapore, Prince William spoke with a British reporter and laid out his plans for when he will be monarch.

Prince William shows great ambition

Addressing a British journalist Prince William didn’t hold back. Emboldened by his work in Singapore, the royal shared his desire to do more than what other royals have done before.

He stated:

That's what I'm trying to find my way in, is I care about so many things, and previously the family have been very much spotlighting brilliantly and going round and highlighting lots
I want to go a step further – I want to actually bring change and I want to bring people to the table who can do the change if I can't do it.

Prince William continued to vehemently explain that he wants to bring tangible actions to the work the Royal Family does.

it's all about progressing, helping and advancing particular social causes that need to be given more support.
I've been in the homelessness sector for a long time now, and so rather than just being patron I want to do more, I want to actually build the homes, I want to provide them with the mental support, all the employment and the education they might need.

The royal also showed he strongly considers the future, which for him will most likely mean the throne. He explained:

It's more about: how do I show my intent more? How do we do more for you? And give you a better, better future

Great ambition after a failed King’s Speech

Prince William’s speech highlights his hopes for the future couldn’t come at a more unusual time. Indeed, on Tuesday 7 November, King Charles delivered his first King’s Speech at the State Opening of Parliament. This first important milestone for the monarch didn’t exactly hold great success.

It was noticed by many that King Charles couldn’t deliver the speech with the necessary and required lack of opinion. Indeed, while this is called the King’s Speech, it is written by the government and outlines what the legislatures will be.

Because of the unnatural nature of the task, it was hard, if not impossible for King Charles to remain neutral. As the longest ever serving Prince of Wales, King Charles had gotten used to having the space to walk the fine line between being a royal and being political.

Moreover, Prince William's statement, which comes not even a year after his father’s coronation, has been seen inherently controversial.

Prince William’s statement isn’t convincing enough

Looking on X, it seems like most people are very unimpressed by what he said and don’t believe that Prince William will actually change the way things are done in the Royal Family.

Many users also bring up the fact that his interview suggests that he is competing with his family instead of actually trying to build something of his own.

X users write:

As much as I loathe Charles one thing we all know that Princes Trust has made impact on ground level to so many. This is a very strange statement without vision and action to support it at age of 41!!
“I want to go a step further than my family…”? This just sounds like is a 40 year old man trying to find the right vanity project that would best compete with the achievements of certain members of his family. Not so much about bringing change, but rather self-promotion…
For me, it's that attitude of saying, "Going further than my family." Like I am better than so and so. Like its a competition . Why can't he just do his thing, and the world will be the judge. He keeps on trying to outdo others and ends up falling short.
Very strange statement… what an ego on that one!

However, a royal expert talking to Hello! believes that Prince William could actually be trying to bring significant and quick change to the British monarchy. Roya Nikkhah explains:

I think he'll be a very radical monarch (...) I think the monarchy will look very different, quite quickly.


I think he has probably got a vision for the monarchy that a lot of it will still feel familiar, but I think a lot of it will change.

Of course no one can claim to know Prince William’s true intentions but one the fact is, as monarch, as much he will want to show individuality, he might not be allowed to. A lesson King Charles is learning the hard way.

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