Prince Harry returning to the UK once again as King Charles plans solo trip out of country

Prince Harry has recently been dashing back and forth between the US and the UK in his court case against the MNG. His recent visit will mean he’ll miss King Charles.

Prince Harry is returning to the UK again for his court appearance
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Prince Harry is returning to the UK again for his court appearance

Prince Harry decided to sue the Mirror News Group (MNG) over claims the tabloid hacked his phone. As the court case is in London, the Duke of Sussex is forced to frequently fly back and forth between the US and the UK.

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Prince Harry will appear in court next week, June 5, to give evidence to his claims. This next part of the trial could involve one of the Sussexes' most vocal critics, Piers Morgan, who used to be a Mirror editor.

Indeed Prince Harry claims that Piers Morgan was aware of the phone hacking situation and even ‘encouraged’ the unlawful acts. Unsurprisingly, Prince Harry isn’t the only high-profile celebrity to sue tabloids over phone hacking and other unlawful activities, Hugh Grant is also suing The Sun over similar claims.

Since Prince Harry is returning to the UK, one question that many may be wondering is, will the Prince visit his father or other family members?

Prince Harry won’t see King Charles

As reported by Telegraph, Prince Harry will be back in his home country early next week to appear in his court case against the MNG, however, the Duke of Sussex will not be able to see his father, even if he had planned to.

Prince Harry’s latest visit coincides with King Charles' annual visit to Transylvania where he owns a home. Indeed it is believed that the King has a long history with Romania, and enjoys a yearly trip to the country, where he allegedly goes hiking and horseback riding.

King Charles reportedly owns 10 homes in Romania, he bought his first in 2006 in the village of Viscri. According to Telegraph, King Charles’ Transylvanian home doesn’t have wifi, a television or a radio. King Charles will be travelling to Romania on his own, while Queen Camilla stays in the UK.

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Prince Harry’s family plans are unclear

As expected, Prince Harry hasn’t revealed any plans whilst he is in the UK. It remains unclear where the Duke of Sussex stays when he visits the country during his court appearances since he and Meghan were evicted from Frogmore Cottage after the release of his memoir Spare.

It could be speculated that Prince Harry may make some time to visit his cousin, Princess Eugenie, who is currently around 5 months pregnant. Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie have remained close since Harry moved to the US, she is the only member of the Royal Family to have visited the Duke since leaving the country.

Currently, Prince Harry’s brother, Prince William doesn’t have any Royal engagements planned as per the Royal Family website. It remains unknown whether the feuding brothers will try to patch things up, but given the circumstances, the chances seem slim.

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