King Charles: The real reason why the monarch never eats lunch revealed

King Charles never eats lunch and the reason behind his decision would surprise you!

King Charles food habits
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King Charles food habits

The Royal Family may be a normal family like any other in the world, especially when it comes to their family dynamics. However, when it comes to their profession and food habits, all of them have different things they like or do. The King of England - King Charles III - also has one such weird food habit that often surprises people.

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Reportedly, the King never eats lunch regardless of how long or busy his day looks.

Here’s why King Charles never eats lunch

According to Yahoo! Life, King Charles refuses to eat lunch solely because it interferes with his hectic schedule and he doesn't want anything to interrupt his work. Former Royal correspondent Gordon Rayner travelled with King Charles - who speaks four languages - when he made his observation. He revealed:

Lunch is seen as a luxury that gets in the way of his work, so he eats a late breakfast and works through.
I found this out the hard way, by going hungry when I started covering royal tours and watching enviously as his long-suffering staff produced snacks from pockets so they could eat on the go.

Even King’s former press secretary Julian Payne added:

The King doesn’t eat lunch; so, an early lesson I learnt when out on the road with him was to have a big breakfast or bring a few snack bars with you to keep you going.
The working day is pretty relentless. Beginning with the radio news headlines and a breakfast of seasonal fruit salad and seeds with tea.

King Charles is a foodie and into organic framing but he still makes sure he eats healthy. His favourite dishes include - cheesy baked eggs and mushrooms.

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