King Charles: The monarch shook dozens of hands at Easter outing

The King enjoyed a public walkabout this Easter.

King Charles Easter appearance
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King Charles Easter appearance

This Sunday, the UK celebrated Easter. This included the Royal Family, who attended the Easter service in Windsor. The Prince and Princess of Wales were, understandably, absent but to the surprise of many, King Charles was there and gave a very positive show of public interaction.

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According to The Telegraph, plans for this weekend celebration had ‘been in flux until the last minute’. The operation, nicknamed ‘Easter Lite’, saw a smaller royal group than usual attend the event. King Charles, instead of taking the opportunity to have an intimate catch-up with his relatives, stepped outside of the chapel to greet crowds of well-wishers and speak to them in person. This is why his decision has sparked a mixture of reactions.

King Charles shook 56 hands

The monarch, following his recent diagnosis, has been out of the picture when it comes to public duties. Queen Camilla has been attending events solo for 97 days, but on Sunday she was seen by her husband’s side as he talked to the group of supporters who had formed outside of the chapel.

The ‘risk management’ strategy written up by those responsible for the King’s health included a very specific 56 handshake allowance. The monarch made the most of this freedom, shaking hands and chatting to the likes of Anne Daley, who was seen waving a Welsh national flag. She wished him and the Princess of Wales well and he told her:

You’re very brave to stand out here in the cold.

Another well-wisher presented the King with a homemade card. He responded:

Thank you very much, that’s very kind. Did you make it?

These pleasantries continued and many were impressed by the King’s strength and what seemed like genuine good cheer.

A Royal commentator’s concern

However, the King’s actions have caused some concern. Royal commentator Angela Levin has pointed out that the monarch’s contact with the public could be seen as risky. She said:

What I felt was very strange was that he went afterwards to talk to a huge number of people who came to see him and to shake hands with them.

Citing the spread of germs - of which we all became much more aware during Covid - she continued:

I think since all these pandemics, you don’t want to shake hands with anyone, be careful. How could they let him do that?

However, the King appeared to be pleased to be there. Even Levin remarked: ‘He looked much better, his eyes were sparkling and he was obviously extremely happy to be there’.

People were also quick to notice that Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson attended the event. This is not the first time that the Duke of York’s presence has caused a stir, given his connections to the late criminal Jeffrey Epstein.

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