This is what King Charles was allegedly doing when Queen Elizabeth died, new book claims

It has been over a year since Queen Elizabeth passed away. A new book has revealed what King Charles was doing in her final moments.

King Charles Queen Elizabeth death
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King Charles Queen Elizabeth death

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022, at Balmoral, Scotland, one of her favourite places. A new book about King Charles is being published entitled Charles III: New King, New Court. The Inside Story was written by Daily Mail's royal writer Robert Hardman.

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In his new book, Hardman details new and private details about Queen Elizabeth’s final moments thanks to her private secretary, Sir Edward Young, who was at Balmoral at the time of Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Sir Edward Young wrote a memo concerning Queen Elizabeth’s death, as per Daily Mail:

Very peaceful. In her sleep. Slipped away. Old age. She wouldn't have been aware of anything. No pain.

What was King Charles doing during the Queen’s final moments?

According to the new book then-Prince Charles received the call that he should head to Balmoral as they were concerned for the Queen’s health.

He flew to Balmoral in a helicopter, reportedly reading his ‘London Bridge’ notes, a carefully planned protocol for after the Queen’s death.

Hardman then revealed that Charles and Camilla spent an hour with Queen Elizabeth at her bedside. Princess Anne, who was already in Scotland at the time, took turns with the Queen's senior dresser and trusted confidante Angela Kelly, at her bedside.

During that time, then-Prince Charles made the phone call to both of his sons, Princes William and Harry. It was thought that the Queen still had days to live, not hours.

Finally, the book reveals the moment that Charles got the call that his mother had passed. According to Hardman, then-Prince Charles went to gather mushrooms to help clear his mind and on his drive back, he received the call.

Charles was called ‘His Majesty’ for the first time, making him realise that his mother had died. Charles then called Prince William to let him know.

Reports suggest that Charles tried to reach Prince Harry but as he was airborne, he couldn’t get ahold of him.

Who is Robert Hardman?

Robert Hardman was born in 1965 and is a British journalist, author and documentary filmmaker. He is well-known for writing about the Royal Family. He has been a royal writer for the Daily Mail since 2001.

Hardman also wrote Queen of Our Times and the BBC documentary Charles III: The Coronation Year.

Hardman’s new book will be published on January 18, 2024, and will share details about Queen Elizabeth’s final moments as well as how King Charles wants to ‘move ahead’ and ‘his plans for reforming the monarchy’.

Hardman used his access to the Royal Family, friends of the King and Queen, key officials and courtiers, and unpublished royal papers to share insight into the harrowing days following Queen Elizabeth’s death.

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