King Charles: This woman was the monarch's first love, and it's not Camilla

When you think of the women in King Charles' life, you certainly think of Princess Diana, Queen Consort Camilla, and of course Queen Elizabeth. However, there is also someone else!

Lucia Santa Cruz was King Charles' first love
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Lucia Santa Cruz was King Charles' first love

In May, Charles will be crowned King in one of the biggest events in this decade, the King's Coronation. Therefore, it is no wonder that not only his official duties are currently being closely observed, but his love life has also been under scrutiny ever since he was a young boy.

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Although most people know about the affair he had with Camilla Parker Bowles while he was still married to Princess Diana, which was revealed in a 1993 leaked phone call, there is one woman who had managed to remain discreet about her relationship with the future King.

Before marrying Lady Di, Charles was with this discreet woman

While King Charles' relationships, first his marriage with Princess Diana, and then his marriage with the Queen Consort Camilla, are very well-known to fans of the Royal family, there is usually very little information to be found about the Prince's love life before Lady Di.

However, we now have information about the King's first love: Lucia Santa Cruz. The blonde woman was the daughter of the Chilean ambassador in England at the time and the two are said to have been together for several years. Therefore, Lucia is considered as King Charles' first great love.

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The first great love became a close friendship

However, the relationship did not work out. On the one hand, because Charles, as heir to the throne, would have had to marry a Protestant according to the law at the time, and Lucia was a Catholic. On the other hand, Lucia traveled on with her family all over the world when her father's term of office in England was over.

Despite their break-up and until Lucia's death in 2019, the two are said to have maintained a close friendship, while finding their respective happiness in other partners: Lucia Santa Cruz started a family with a politician, and Charles ultimately found his Camilla.

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Lucia introduced Charles and Camilla to each other

In fact, Lucia Santa Cruz is said to have even contributed to Charles finding the woman he describes as the love of his life. As his biographer, Jonathan Dimbleby, reveals, Lucia is said to have introduced the two to each other. She told Charles that Camilla was 'simply the right one' for him, and time can tell she was probably right.

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