King Charles and Camilla are causing trouble in France during official visit

King Charles III and his wife are expected to arrive in France today, 20 September 2023, for an official visit. But this is already causing trouble…

King Charles and Camilla are causing massive trouble in France during official visit
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King Charles and Camilla are causing massive trouble in France during official visit

After having to postpone their March 2023 visit to France due to vehement demonstrations across the country, King Charles III and Camilla have finally made it across the Channel.

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The monarch is expected in Paris today, 20 September, where he will meet with President Emmanuel Macron, then making his way to Bordeaux. His three-day-long visit is a historic moment and hopes to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

However, while a royal visit is exciting, it seems like it is already causing trouble and… on multiple fronts…

More police than ever

Wherever they go, royals require a strong security system. Not only that, there are many protocols in place when it comes to royals. That is something that the visited country will have to adapt to.

It has been announced by French authorities that police officers have been ordered to cancel all holidays and be present. French publication Gala, reports that:

Security services will be stretched to the limit

Indeed, the visit of King Charles is not the only important event happening in France at the moment. The country is holding the rugby World Cup and Pope Francis is in Marseille. Not only that, police is on high alert as King Charles’ visit will most likely cause controversy.

Indeed, while France is no longer having strong demonstrations as it did in March 2023, holding a dinner at Versailles Castle is never well perceived by the French people.

Speaking to Mirror, former head of royal protection, Dai Davies says:

There will have been increased security briefings on both sides of the Channel to prepare for any eventuality, especially the threat of industrial or political disturbances.
This is very much a ring of steel operation

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Locals left in the dark about King Charles’ visit

After King Charles’ visit to Paris and Versailles, the monarch will make his way South to Bordeaux where he has several engagements scheduled.

Gala reports that residents of Bordeaux have been left in the dark about the issues that will be linked to the King’s visit. For instance, they don’t know what roads or tramway lines will have to be shut down and therefore preventing them from planning their day.

French media France Bleu says that ‘at the moment, the King’s itinerary is confidential’ and so for understandable safety reasons. It has been announced by the city’s officials as well as the company responsible for transportation in Bordeaux that residents will be told of any blockages the night before.

One thing is sure, residents can expect increased traffic and delays… all the things the French love.


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