Who is Gus Lopes? Queen Camilla's grandson and page of honour in King Charles' coronation

A sneak peek into Queen Camilla's grandson Gus Lopes, who is playing a pivotal role in the upcoming coronation.

Who is Gus Lopes? Queen Camilla's grandson and page of honour in King Charles' coronation
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Who is Gus Lopes? Queen Camilla's grandson and page of honour in King Charles' coronation

With King Charles III's coronation coming up in a few days, the whole of Britain is thrilled to see him, along with his Queen Consort, Camilla, and their relatives. Being a father and grandfather, King Charles III has a long list of kin who would be attending the coronation. The event is a star-studded one, with royals from all over England and the world honoring their great king in London. And fans of the English royalty are particularly thrilled to see the Queen Consort's grandchildren, Gus, and Louis Lopes. Since the whole of England now adores Camilla's family - The Parker Bowles. Queen Camilla's family tree is interesting with a lot of tiny tots who look up to their grandmother.

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Fans are particularly excited to see Gus Lopes, support his grandmother and grandfather, on their day. Being born into England's royal lineage makes you a star, and now, by association, all the Parker Bowles children have automatically seen the limelight over the years. Here's everything you need to know about the young Gus Lopes, who will be showing his face at the King's coronation in London.

How is Gus Lopes related to the Queen?

Gus is the son of Queen Camilla's daughter Laura Lopes (formerly known as Laura Parker Bowles), with her husband Harry Lopes. His parents are big names in the English royal family. He has a twin brother called Louis, and they are the second-born children to Laura and Harry, after their first-born daughter Eliza. Gus and Louis are of 14 years of age. He was last spotted by the camera for the late Queen Elizabeth's funeral, which was also attended by his cousins and his parents. Like most kids from the English royalty, he is great at handling the media.

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Gus' role in the coronation

Gus is playing the role of the page of honour (along with Prince George, his twin brother Louis, and his cousin Freddy) for the coronation of his grandfather in London. He will be accompanying his grandmother as she takes on the title of Queen Consort. This is not the first time Queen Camilla's grandchildren played a role in a royal event. Her granddaughter was a bridesmaid for Prince William's wedding to Kate, the Princess of Wales, which also took place in London.

The Parker Bowles family tree

Before Camilla became the stepmother to William and Harry, she had kids of her own with Andrew Parker Bowles. Andrew and Camilla had two children, their first born-son is Tom Parker Bowles and their second-born daughter is Laura Lopes. Camilla shook the English media when her relationship with Charles III went public and has come a long way since.

Gus and Louis are often spotted with King Charles III and the Queen Consort, along with their cousin Freddy, as they enjoy some time with their grandfather and grandmother. And it looks like Gus is a star already in the making at this age, with the English media constantly throwing the limelight on him.

The attendees at the coronation

The entire Parker Bowles family is said to be attending the great coronation on 6th May. Besides the immediate relatives, including Prince William, Kate (the Princess of Wales), Princes George and Louis, and Princess Charlotte. London can expect to see many a prince, princess, and duke attending the event. Prince Harry is said to be flying down for the great coronation ceremony. But Meghan (the Duchess of Sussex) will not be joining. Queen Camilla's sister, and Gus' grand-aunt Annabel Elliot, will be there along with the Queen's nieces, Alice Irwin, Katie Elliot, and Ayesha Shand are attending the coronation.

Of course, Duke Edward Fitzalan-Howard, who is organising the event, will be present. Other attendees include Prince Edward (Duke of Kent), and the Duchess of Gloucester, who should also likely be present.

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King Charles' coronation: Here's everything we know about Queen Camilla's grandson, Louis Lopes King Charles' coronation: Here's everything we know about Queen Camilla's grandson, Louis Lopes