Royal Family: This forgotten feud once troubled King Charles, Princess Anne, and Princess Margaret

The Royal Family - like any other family in the world - has its own family drama. Here’s one forgotten family feud with Princess Michael.

Royal Family’s most controversial Royal before Prince Harry, it’s not who you think
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Royal Family’s most controversial Royal before Prince Harry, it’s not who you think

Prince Harry and Meghan may be one of the current troubling Royals for the Royal Family but before them, another Royal was one of the most controversial Royals of the firm. Reportedly, Princess Michael - wife of Prince Michael, the late Queen’s first cousin - had difficult relationships with King Charles, Princesses Diana, Anne and Margaret.

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Princess Anne and Princess Michael

Princess Michael - born Baroness Marie Christine von Reibnitz - has a famous moniker ‘Princess Pushy’ that was given to her by Queen Elizabeth II’s only daughter - Princess Anne. According to the Daily Express, Princess Anne gave Marie the title because she was ‘very assertive.’

Royal expert Bidisha Mamata claimed that Marie always wanted to do things her own way and that created some troubles for the family members. She said:

She did what she wanted when she wanted, and as a result, the rest of the royals began calling her the pushy princess because she wanted things her way.

While Julie Montagu, Viscountess Hinchingbrooke, added:

It was all on her timetable, not anybody else’s. So, she was very, very well known for turning up when she wanted to — definitely not on time — but also making demands

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Princess Margaret and Princess Michael

Marie’s wedding with Prince Michael was a sore spot for Princess Margaret. Princess Michael got into the Royal Family after her second marriage to Prince Michael - for which he even had to give up his rights to the throne. She was married to a British banker in 1971 and got divorced in 1977, reported People Magazine. Despite her ‘divorcee’ status, she was allowed to marry into the Royal Family.

Naturally, that didn’t go well with Princess Margaret who was denied her wish to marry divorced RAF officer Peter Townsend. It is also believed that Princess Margaret refused to speak to her because she was a Roman Catholic despite living on the same Royal property - Kensington Palace.

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King Charles III, Princess Diana and Princess Michael

Anybody related to the Royal Family would agree that Princess Diana and Charles’ marriage was a cause of friction and significant negative publicity, add Princess Michael to the list and we have a recipe for disaster.

Princess Michael once revealed to a reporter that ‘King Charles III was bitter about his first wife’s notoriety.’ Royal author Katie Nicholl explained:

Princess Michael of Kent described Diana as ‘nasty’ and ‘bitter’. She alleged that Charles was jealous of his wife’s fame.

Soon after, King Charles gave Prince and Princess Michael a nickname - ‘Rent-A-Kents’ - after they opened up a branch of the Happy Eater roadside café chain on the A3 near Guildford.

Meanwhile, Princess Diana and Princess Michael’s feud was also mutual after Marie stated that Diana was ‘uneducated.’ Princess Diana, on the other hand, commonly called her ‘the U-Boat Commander.’

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