Brits warned of potential disruption to King Charles' coronation

Showers are expected in the afternoon of the Coronation day on Saturday. Here is all we know about the weather during the weekend of festivities.

Brits warned of potential disruption to King Charles' coronation
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Brits warned of potential disruption to King Charles' coronation

The Met Office has announced the weather forecast for the Coronation weekend, and it doesn’t look promising.

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Forecasters admit that although it is difficult to confirm exactly what the sky will look like at the moment, the rain is likely to fall on King Charles's parade on Saturday.

The morning on the day of festivities should be relatively dry with some sunny spells, but the afternoon could see showers developing in London.

Royal fans who plan to watch the parade and organise street parties are strongly advised to be prepared for wet weather. It would be a good idea to wear raincoats and take brollies.

Meanwhile, a recent arrest of a man outside Buckingham Palacesparked security concerns ahead of the big event.

Coronation Day may be disrupted by the rain

If you plan to participate in outdoor activities to celebrate King Charles’s Coronation, you may need to consider the weather forecast.

The Met Office warns of rain that may disrupt street partiesand even the royal procession in London.

The spokesperson Nicola Maxey said that heavy precipitations were a possibility on Saturday afternoon after the King’s Coronation and showers were expected later that day.

The royal fans are advised to dress appropriately, with raincoats and brollies being a good idea.

Ms Maxey explained:

We've got quite a showery picture. Friday is going to be a mixture of heavy rain and showers and thunderstorms.

London is still expected to stay dry, with some sunny spells, on Saturday morning.

The Coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey will end at 1pm and the newly crowned King and Queen will begin the procession back to Buckingham Palace in the gold state coach.

This is when the precipitations may come.

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Will the Coronation Day be warm?

The Met Office recommends keeping an eye on the forecast and checking it regularly because ‘the detail will become clearer as we get nearer to the day’.

Meanwhile, the Coronation Day itself is expected to be warm and humid with temperatures reaching as high as 20C.

Ms Maxey said:

We could certainly see temperatures, in the high teens, maybe 20C for London, and mid to high teens elsewhere in the country as well. Whether you feel warm or not will depend on whether you get a break in the cloud and a spell of sunshine. In which case it's going to feel great, but under a shower, it might not feel as nice.

The Met Office also shared the maximum and minimum temperatures of previous Coronations, including that of George VI and Elizabeth II.

Edward VII's Coronation on August 9, 1902, saw a maximum of 16C and a minimum of 9.1C, with 0.5mm of rain.

On June 22, 1911, on George V's Coronation, the high was 17C and the minimum 12.8C, with 0.3mm of rain.

When George VI was crowned on May 12, 1937, the daily maximum temperature was 14.2C, and the minimum was 6.2C, with 8.2mm of rain.

And forthe Coronation of the King's mother Elizabeth II, on June 2, 1953, the daily maximum temperature was 11.8C and the minimum 6.8C, with 2.6mm of rain and 1.2 hours of sunshine.

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