King Charles' coronation: Government faces backlash over £1M plan as people call it 'waste of money'

The government has just unveiled their plan for the King's coronation in May, and it has received mixed reactions from the public.

King Charles III's £1m effort to put up big screens for Coronation received mixed reactions
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King Charles III's £1m effort to put up big screens for Coronation received mixed reactions

The British Department for Culture, Media and Sport has offered £1 million to constituencies in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to install big screens for people to come together during the Coronation, which will take place on Saturday, 6 May. Each constituency can choose to use the donation to install one big screen for everyone, or several smaller screens in different places.

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Cardiff Castle, Belfast City Hall, Piece Hall in Halifax, Jubilee Square in Brighton and Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester have all confirmed they would install big screens in time for the Coronation, and everyone will be welcome to watch the ceremony live. Some screens will also broadcast the Coronation Concert which will take place on Sunday, 7 May.

A magical moment

The Culture Secretary, Lucy Frazer, said the Coronation will be 'a magical moment that brings people together to celebrate the best of Britain,' which is why the government wants everyone to be able to enjoy it and come together, hence the big screens.

Many places in the UK will take advantage of the Coronation weekend to bring their citizens together, some of them planning music festivals, workshops, sports competitions and art exhibits. On Monday, 8 May, thousands of people are expected to have street parties and lunches, as it will be a bank holiday.

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Mixed reactions

To say the news has gotten mixed reactions would be an understatement. The country seems split in half over the news. Some people argued that the project is money well-spent because it can bring communities closer together, and make the weekend a really historical, once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Some Twitter users have pointed out that the Coronation will not only be a weekend of festivities for people in Britain, but that it will also attract tourists from all over the world, which can eventually boost Britain's fragile economy.

One user said:

The last time a coronation was held was 70 yrs ago. Considering the amount of tourist that will attend, the coronation will boost the economy by billions of pounds. The US spends $200 million on their presidential inauguration every 4 years

British tourism had already gone up significantly when the Queen passed away, as people gathered in front of Buckingham Palace, then went to see her coffin and stayed for the Sovereign's funeral.

£1M plan deemed a 'waste of money'

However, others have said that the project is a 'waste of money', and it would be spent in better ways if it was given to charities.

Some critics have called the £1m effort pointlessbecause people who really want to watch the Coronation can do so in the comfort of their own homes.

One Twitter user wrote:

Suggestion: Give the 1 million pounds to charity. People can watch at home.

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