King Charles called to put pressure on government about UFO existence: 'Release the truth’

Royals are endlessly surprising! From the weird protocols they must follow to their own personal interests, things stay interesting…

King Charles called to put pressure on government about UFO existence: 'Release the truth’
King Charles called to put pressure on government about UFO existence: 'Release the truth’

Royal Family members often appear like they aren’t part of our world. Indeed, they live lives that, to most of us, seem bizarre and utterly unnatural. They are under constant scrutiny and while it looks all shiny and smiley from the outside, reality must be quite different.

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But even though they don’t seem like they are normal people, in some sense they are. Indeed, they sometimes remind us of their humanity, especially through to the royal children whose behaviour hasn’t been too trained yet. Their humanity also shines through their interests and passions.

We know that Queen Elizabeth II was an animal lover and had a fierce passion for horses. And now we are discovering that King Charles III also has a passion and this one he inherited from his father…

Prince Philip spent decades studying UFOs

According to Vanity Fair, Prince Philip was obsessed with UFOs and he spent decades studying them.

The publication writes:

Prince Philip knows that “the truth is out there,” which is why the royal has reportedly spent decades preparing himself for a close encounter of the third kind

According to The Sun it was Prince Philip’s uncle who sparked the interest. Indeed, Lord Mountbatten reportedly ‘wrote an official report about a flying saucer landing on his Broadlands estate in Romsey.’ This report was kept secret until Lord Mountbatten’s death in 1979.

Throughout his life, Prince Philip has reportedly been known to read extensively on the topic. Indeed, a former secretary of his wrote several thank you notes to authors sending in their books to the Prince.

One thank you note reads:

His Royal Highness will add this copy to his collection. It will make a most welcome addition to his library.

This is a passion that Prince Philip seems to have passed down to his son, now King Charles III.

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King Charles could help the UK make contact

On 7 August, several publications wrote about how King Charles III should ‘put pressure’ on the UK’s government in order to release ‘Britain’s X-files.’

This bold claim comes from documentary maker, Mark Christopher Lee who will debut his new series on UFO on Sky on 10 August. Lee believes that it is King Charles’ duty to prepare English people to a possible contact with aliens as he is the head of the Church of England.

Indeed, Lee thinks that since King Charles is both a religious man and a man believed to believe in the existence of aliens, he is the best person to prepare the general public. Moreover, Lee strongly advises King Charles to follow in the footsteps of the Americans who very recently admitted to the having evidence of extraterrestrial life.

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Lee says:

I’m calling on our King to put pressure on the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to release the truth about what the UK knows about UFOs to the public.
They also need to put pressure on US government and other governments worldwide.
This is not just something that affects the US but a worldwide phenomena

Can King Charles’ interest lead us to make contact with aliens?


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