Rishi Sunak and wife reportedly facing heat over King Charles' coronation invite

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is at the centre of controversy again, and this time it has something to do with King Charles III's coronation.

Rishi Sunak causes uproar over King Charles’ coronation invite
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Rishi Sunak causes uproar over King Charles’ coronation invite

King Charles III’s coronation is fast approaching, and it has been revealed which dignitaries will be attending. Among members of the British Royal Family, and those from royal families overseas, are UK cabinet ministers and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. However, a small exception to a rule has been made for the PM, and people seemingly aren’t happy about it.

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British MPs will not be allowed to take their spouse or a 'plus one' to the prestigious event due to limited space, with the guest list much like that for the Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral in September 2022. Despite this, Sunak is allowed to bring his spouse, with his wife Akshata Murthy receiving an invitation.

Rishi Sunak sparks anger among MPs

According to the Daily Mail, cabinet ministers are 'upset' they are being refused a 'plus one'. The decision has allegedly angered some senior ministers who believe their spouses deserve an invitation. A government source said on 9 April:

Lots of Cabinet ministers, and their partners, are unhappy about it.
They sacrifice a lot for their other half to do the jobs they do, and it would mean a great deal to be invited to the Coronation.

However, it is normal for Prime Ministers to be given a plus one for state events. In addition, it seems Sunak is not the only one. It is believed that former Prime Ministers will also be given plus ones, like at the Queen's funeral.

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MPs and peers 'disappointed' and 'frustrated'

The number of places for MPs and peers was limited, and was decided by a ballot. Officials are apparently considering creating a viewing area on Parliament Square to allow more MPs and peers to be involved and watch the Coronation procession. A reception with the King in Westminster Hall before the Coronation has also reportedly been proposed.

According to a government source cited by The Telegraph, peers have been undertaking 'a significant amount of lobbying', and 'proactively contacting us (Cabinet Office), setting out why they should be on the list'. They added:

There is no doubt they will be disappointed and we are aware of the frustration this is already generating.

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