Major shakeup in most popular Royal Family member could be coming soon, expert claims

Meghan Markle’s possible return to Instagram is causing a lot of ink to spill, but what can this comeback actually mean for other members of the Royal Family?

This stark difference in royal couples may change everything: 'We would never see Kate and William like this'
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This stark difference in royal couples may change everything: 'We would never see Kate and William like this'

Before Meghan Markle was the Duchess of Sussex, she was an actress. Like many people in her profession, Markle was on social media. She had an Instagram account where she would post behind the scenes on Suits and pictures of her adorable dogs. She also had a very successful lifestyle blog called The Tig.

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When she married Prince Harry Meghan Markle had to give these two things up as the images of senior members of the Royal Family are controlled by teams of PR. But now, in 2023, three years after stepping away from her royal life, she is rumoured to be making an Instagram return. This move could very well change things for Meghan but also for other members of the Royal Family.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s supposed rivalry

Since Meghan Markle entered the royal scope, she has been compared with Kate Middleton. One day it’s about their outfits while another day brings rumours of someone making the other cry. These two women are very often pinned against each other in the press.

Just today, 4 September 2023, some headlines read ‘Prince Harry, Meghan Markle won’t return to UK because she won’t ‘curtsy’ to Kate Middleton’ and ‘Meghan Markle didn't say goodbye to late Queen at Balmoral due to Kate Middleton.’ It is, however, fair to admit that having the two names in a title is almost always key to getting some clicks. So we understand the appeal.

People seem to be interested in the rivalry and the public is regularly being polled on who the most popular royal is. With no surprise the Princess of Wales is always way ahead of the Duchess of Sussex. But this could change very soon.

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Meghan Markle’s return to Instagram to put the Cambridges in perspective

A PR expert, Mayah Riaz has spoken to Mirror about Markle’s possible return to social media. According to her, an Instagram comeback would with ‘no doubt’ mean that Meghan would ‘overtake Kate in terms of popularity.’

Indeed, Riaz explains that because of her royal role, Kate Middleton’s social media presence is ‘curated with huge precision.’ It is almost certain that the Princess has limited control over what gets posted. However, if Meghan Markle were to return, she would have full control over what is put out there, which would be a massive change.

Riaz goes on to say that what is posted by the Cambridges ‘paints a picture perfect life’ which is far from relatable. Harry and Meghan’s Instagram presence would allow them to share ‘all aspects of Meghan and her family life’ without getting approval first.

This spontaneity which the couple showcased on Friday 1 September when they attended Beyoncé’s Los Angeles show could very well become their norm if they return to Instagram. And it could have the potential to change the narrative around them.

Riaz states:

We have seen footage of Meghan dancing at Beyoncé's concert as well as public display of affection with Harry.
We would never see Kate and William like this.

Not only that, Meghan Markle makes headlines, and if she joins Instagram again, those headlines will be constant. That would almost surely eclipse the Princess of Wales’ media presence

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