Prince William issued a stark warning about his future role as King

The heir to the throne has received a warning from Queen Elizabeth’s former chaplain.

Prince William warning chaplain Dr Gavin Ashenden
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Prince William warning chaplain Dr Gavin Ashenden

The Prince of Wales is already having a bad week, given that his wife Princess Kate has undergone an abdominal surgery and his father King Charles is set to visit hospital next week because of an enlarged prostate. This all comes amid the ongoing controversy surrounding Prince Andrew and his involvement with the notorious criminal Epstein. So, it’s fair to say that there’s a lot going on.

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Prince William has already been to visit Kate in hospital, but not before he received another piece of unwelcome news. The Queen’s former chaplain Dr Gavin Ashenden has come out with some harsh words for the Prince of Wales following suggestions made in a Robert Hardman’s new royal book that he could be the first monarch not to be head of the Church of England.

What Dr Ashenden said about the monarchy and Christianity

Speaking to GB News, Ashenden claimed that Prince William doesn’t ‘understand the monarchy’ and its strong connection with Christianity. Although he acknowledged that this was partly due to generational changes, he said ‘William doesn't show any signs of being alive to the vibrancy of Christian faith’. He argued:

although lots of people have talked about disestablishing the Church of England and changing our constitutional arrangements, they're immensely complex and they go back through 500 years of legislation
it would take an army of lawyers ten years to do it

Dr Ashenden’s warning to Prince William

The former chaplain didn’t stop there: he even issued a warning to the future King. He said:

I think he either has to accept the fact that this is a role he plays, whether he likes it or not, which is part actually of the burden of monarchy, or if he feels that strongly and he can't do it, then step aside and abdicate and see if there's somebody else in the Royal succession who can

He followed this harsh advice up with a general statement, claiming that Europe has ‘lost the faith and is replacing it effectively with wokery’. Ashenden reckons Prince William is reflecting that ‘discomfort with Christianity in Europe’ but in doing so, is hurting both himself and the Church of England.

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