Princess Diana: This little boy believes he is a reincarnation of the beloved royal

Princess Diana passed away in August 1997 and since then the love and fascination she triggers hasn’t wavered. Back in 2019, an Australian TV presenter made a chilling confession about his son… and yes, the Princess is involved.

Princess Diana reincarnated
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Princess Diana reincarnated

This article will have two things many people are fascinated with: the occult and Princess Diana. However, this article will not be about the Princess consulting with mediums and psychics to seek answers but about a little Australian boy who could possibly be her reincarnation.

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We can feel the scepticism from here but after hearing the story you might be convinced. It first emerged in 2019 when Australian TV presenter David Campbell shared what his son had been saying.

Here are all the details…

A little boy with two sons

Billy is the son of TV presenter David Campbell and, according to his father, he has been implying he is the reincarnation of Princess Diana since he was two. In a column written in 2019 for TheDaily Telegraph, David Campbell wrote:

Billy believes he was once Princess Diana.
It started when someone gave my wife Lisa, who is very British, a thank-you card with Lady Di on it. Billy pointed and said, “Look! It’s me when I was a princess.”

At first, the presenter and his wife didn’t think much of it. Then, Billy started talking about his two ‘boys’ who he specified were his sons. All of this was quite strange for the couple but, once again, they just explained it with adult’s logic thinking, ‘kids say the darndest things’.

Well, things got even weirder. According to David Campbell’s column, when his son was four, Billy claimed he was Princess Diana while talking to a Scottish friend of his parents. During that conversation the little boy said he had once visited a ‘castle in that kilted wonderland’ which had ‘unicorns on it’ and … wait for it… it was called Balmoral!

As Billy grew up, David and his wife Lisa started asking Billy questions in order to decipher whether or not this could be real. One day, the enquired:

Who else was in your family when you were a princess, Bill?

The child answered:

I have brothers and sisters, (...) I have a brother called John.

At first the parents thought they had figured out their son was making it up but they realised that Princess Diana did, in fact, have a brother named John who unfortunately died within hours of his birth.

Finally, one of the creepiest thing Billy might have said, as reported by David Campbell is, when showed a picture of Princess Diana:

There’s me as a princess. Then one day the sirens came and I wasn’t a princess anymore.

Could the sirens be of the day the Princess died in a car accident?

Children and reincarnation

Because Billy’s story intrigued us, we looked around for a link between children and past lives. Our research led us to an article from October 2022 published in Psychology Today.

The publication spoke with Ian Stevenson, a psychiatrist and researcher at the University of Virginia. Throughout his career he has focused on the link between past lives and children and has been investigating instances when children claim to remember their past lives.

According to Stevenson, children who are are believed to remember their past lives ‘start talking about it around age 3’ and stop at around 7 or 8. In the article we learn that there are a lot of similarities between the reported cases. The first being that these children seem to ‘cite details about their deaths’ especially if they are untimely (Princess Diana definitely falls into that category).

Secondly, these children can have marks, considered birthmarks, where the wounds suffered in their previous life were. Finally, children have shown signs of remembering what it was like being ‘between lives’. For instance, some of them remember their funerals. In the case of Billy, he seems to remember the police and ambulance arriving at Pont de l’Alma in Paris.

However, Psychology Today writer, Vanessa LoBue Ph.D., does remind us that children from 3 to 8 are more susceptible to fantasy. With that and the fact that children pick up things from the shows they watch and books they read, making up stories is very common. Children are therefore ‘open to more fantastical ideas’ while still being able to ‘tell fantasy from reality’.

So far, of course, there is no way to know if any of this is true as science hasn’t been able to prove the existence of an afterlife. But these stories certainly are interesting…

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