The Royal Family and the occult: Here are all the royals that have consulted a medium

As The Crown’s decision to bring Princess Diana back as a ghost in their final season makes headlines, an article suggests that the Royal Family isn’t shy when it comes to the occult.

Royals Family psychic medium seance Princess Diana Prince Harry Queen Elizabeth
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Royals Family psychic medium seance Princess Diana Prince Harry Queen Elizabeth

When people learnt that The Crown was going to bring back Princess Diana as a ghostly vision in their final season many were outraged and questioned the ethics of the choice. However, now, thanks to an article from The Telegraph, this creative decision could be seen as a nod to an unknown habit of the Royal Family.

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Though it is more widely known that the late Prince Phillip and now King Charles III are men believed to accept the existence of UFOs, this new article reveals that the royals are also keen to consult mediums and psychics. From Princess Diana to Queen Elizabeth II, let’s have a look…

Royals want to contact the dead

When you are part of an ancestral line in which your role changes according to who dies, wanting to get in touch with people who passed is only natural. According to Victoria Ward, Royal Editor at The Telegraph, several royals have tried to reach their deceased loved ones.

The writer reminds us that in Spare, Prince Harry mentions talking to a ‘woman who had powers’ in order to speak to Princess Diana. It is important to remember that grief makes people vulnerable and that often, humans tend to seek answers from the dead. In the case of Prince Harry, his mother passed away when he was just 12 and, in his memoir, he shares that he needed to speak with her and was reassured when told that his mother was with him.

Prince Harry is not the only one who tried reaching a dead relative. Surprisingly, The Telegraph mentions Queen Elizabeth II and The Queen Mother. If we are to believe the publication, both women ‘attended a seance in an attempt to make contact with George VI.’

The seance is said to have taken place in 1953, just a year after George VI passed away and the year his daughter was crowned. Moreover, it is reported that on top of Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother, Prince Philip was also in attendance. Victoria Ward explains that ‘royal author’ Christopher Wilson revealed that after the seance, the Queen Mother scheduled more appointments.

Just like us, the royals seek guidance

While reaching out to the dead during a seance can seem a bit far-fetched, it is something that is deeply understandable. Indeed, in the case of Prince Harry, the royal explains that he craved contact with his mum. In Spare he wrote about the experience and what he was told:

Your mother says: ‘You’re living the life she couldn’t. You’re living the life she wanted for you’

Even royals want guidance. Princess Diana was herself a strong believer in mediums and psychics and was reported to call some of them regularly to the point that they became friends. The Telegraph reported that the Princess sought to ‘make sense of a turbulent, unpredictable life’. Biographer Tina Brown, even wrote that:

a garrulous procession of astrologers, psychics, palm readers and graphologists toted their charts and crystal balls into Kensington Palace.

Though Princess Diana is known for her interest in psychics she wasn’t the one who sought the professionals in the first place. Indeed, according to Ward, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York introduced Diana to a psychic. Ward explains that Ferguson was at the time trying to navigate her relationship with Prince Andrew.

Though, it is true, this topic is not something we had imagined talking about in relation to the Royal Family, it feels good to know that, in grief, rank and crowns don’t matter. Humans just crave comfort and answers.

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