Queen Elizabeth II: Heartbreaking details about monarch's last royal engagement finally revealed

Today, 8 September, marks the one year anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. Tributes are pouring in but one stands out…

Heartbreaking details about Queen Elizabeth II's last royal engagement finally revealed
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Heartbreaking details about Queen Elizabeth II's last royal engagement finally revealed

On 8 September 2022, Queen Elizabeth II passed away at Balmoral Castle due to ‘old age.’ England and the world overall were shaken by the news. The late monarch is the longest reigning monarch in history as she sat on the throne for over 70 years.

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Beloved by many but also criticised, Queen Elizabeth II was a monarch that worked through many changes. From decolonising the British Empire to the arrival of social media, the Queen was a constant, something people saw as eternal. Her sense of duty was unparalleled and admired by most.

During her reign, Queen Elizabeth had the pleasure (or not) of working with 15 prime ministers. One of them has opened up in an interview with GB News

Queen Elizabeth II’s unmatched sense of duty

In an exclusive interview with GB News, former Prime Minister Liz Truss talked about her meeting with Queen Elizabeth II on 6 September 2022. This meeting is a famous moment in history as the last pictures of the Queen were taken that day.

These pictures triggered a lot of worry about the Queen’s health because of a black mark on her hand. Furthermore, the mere fact that Liz Truss was appointed Prime Minister at Balmoral Castle and not Buckingham Palace spoke volumes about the monarch’s deteriorating health.

According to Liz Truss the Queen’s sense of duty remained the same. She says:

Although she was physically quite frail, she was always absolutely mentally alert and determined to do her duty.

Liz Truss explains that the Queen’s passing was very sudden as during the meeting Truss was assured by Her Majesty that they would meet again soon.

The assumption absolutely was that this would be the first of many meetings. [The late Queen] was very determined to do her duty, right to the end. We had a very, very good meeting. She was upbeat.

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Liz Truss received a sign that the Queen wasn’t well

In the GB News segment, many interesting details are brought up. For instance, Nadhim Zahawi MP was supposed to be sworn in as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster by Queen Elizabeth II on a video call. However, that call was then turned into a phone call which was itself altogether cancelled.

Zahawi, was also responsible for indicating to the outside world that something was very wrong when he handed Liz Truss a note at the House of Commons.

Speaking to GB News, Zahawi says:

The Palace would be putting out a statement. I rushed to the Prime Minister’s office in Parliament to effectively begin to agree with the Palace a form of words for the Prime Minister if the statement was to go out whilst the Prime Minister was still in the chamber. And that’s what I took into the chamber I took in a handwritten note.

That is when the Palace announced that the Queen’s health was quickly deteriorating and when members of the Royal Family rushed to Balmoral. Later on, it was announced that the Queen had died.

Following the announcement Liz Truss also shared that she had a short phone call with newly appointed King Charles III during which he ‘sounded very, very resolute.’ On 9 September, Liz Truss met with King Charles III, a meeting that gave her the impression that he was ready for the role.

Absolutely. I met him on several occasions before and he is somebody who does his duty.

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