Queen Camilla's engagement ring is worth £212K and it belonged to the Queen Mother

Most of us know about Princess Diana’s engagement ring, but there’s another piece of significant Royal jewellery that remains a mystery - Queen Camilla’s engagement ring.

Queen Camilla engagement ring £212,000 Queen Mother second most expensive ring Royal Family
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Queen Camilla engagement ring £212,000 Queen Mother second most expensive ring Royal Family

The British Royal Family is one of the few royal families in the world with impressive jewels. From magnificent crowns and tiaras to necklaces and rings, they have it all. Half of the world always stays stunned by the amount of historic jewellery they wear during public engagements.

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The Firm owns the biggest diamond in the world, which we reported could possibly be cursed. Apart from that they also have Princess Diana’s engagement ring and Queen Camilla’s engagement ring.

Queen Camilla’s engagement ring has sentimental value

Most royal fans know about Princess Diana's engagement ring - a bright blue 12-carat sapphire that is surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds. The ring now belongs to the Princess of Wales - Kate Middleton - who made a major alteration to the iconic ring. However, Queen Camilla’s engagement ring has an equally endearing provenance. King Charles proposed to Queen Camilla 35 years after they met.

According to Hello Magazine, the monarch gave his second wife a gleaming art deco-style ring that is understood to be a ‘royal family heirloom.’ It once belonged to Queen Mother, King Charles’ grandmother, and she was spotted wearing it in the 1980s. Little is known about the impressive sparkler's heritage before the 1920s. It is not known who owned the ring before the Queen Mother or where it was made. MailOnline reports that the Queen’s ring fetches 800 searches on Google every year.

Interestingly, the ring was not the Queen Mother’s engagement ring. It was given to her as a push present when she gave birth to Queen Elizabeth II in 1926. King Charles is understood to have used the ring to honour both his mother and grandmother.

Everything we know about Queen Camilla’s engagement ring

Despite not being as popular as other engagement rings in the Royal Family, Queen Camilla’s ring is estimated to be worth £212,000. It is the second most expensive ring in the Royal Family after the Princess of Wales’ sapphire and diamond engagement ring, which is worth £300,000. Kate Middleton also owns more jewellery worth £82 million. The platinum Art Deco design features a five-carat emerald-cut diamond at its centre with additional baguettes on the sides.

The beautiful piece of jewellery is understood to have its own struggle. Clogau – the brand responsible for the Welsh gold that the Royals have used to create their wedding rings since 1923 previously revealed the care that goes behind a royal ring, confirms The Sun.

Ben Roberts, Managing Director of Clogau claimed that ‘caring for an heirloom of such value comes with its own challenges.’ The royal team needs to employ careful maintenance and ensure regular inspection of the ring. They must do in-depth evaluations from time to time and allow gentle cleaning to restore sheen. Apart from the Queen Consort’s, Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is also steeped in history. Prince Harry made a custom-designed ring for the Duchess using two diamonds from Princess Diana's personal collection.

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