Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite colour revealed: Is it what you thought?

The Queen has been seen wearing all the colours of the rainbow and more throughout her reign. But what were her favourite colours? Here's what a royal expert says about it.

What was Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite colour? The answer is quite unexpected
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What was Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite colour? The answer is quite unexpected

Queen Elizabeth II was used to having all eyes on her, and she didn't make it difficult. Her every outfit was simple yet exquisite and meaningful. It matched her perfectly. And it didn’t just look like it was made for her, it was actually made for her in-house.

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The monarch was known for paying great attention to her colours. Everything was carefully thought through, and nothing was random. And it paid off each time. We couldn’t keep our eyes off the Queen every time she appeared in public.

These special hues made her unique persona shine even more.

Queen’s favourite: Bright colours

Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The Queen had a famous motto: ‘You have to be seen to be believed’.

She was a people person and never underestimated the importance of being present for her subjects. Royal expert Daisy McAndrew said that as Elizabeth II was ‘quite small’, it was decided some years ago that ‘it would be helpful if she was brightly coloured so that people could spot her easily’, Today writes. This is how the Queen’s favourite ‘colour’ was born.

Love for bright hues became her trademark to the point where we couldn’t imagine her sporting anything less eye-catching than emerald green, lemon yellow or coral pink, one at a time of course.

Most of the Queen's outfits and accessories were carefully colour-matched, with appropriate shoes and even an umbrella for every occasion.

Love for Blue

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

An analysis done by Vogue in 2012 showed that the Queen most often wore blue that year.

But Her Royal Majesty favoured blue not only then but the whole time throughout her 70 years on the throne, frequently choosing vibrant shades of the hue, including royal blue.

Blue is a perfectly royal colour (think ‘blue blood’), it also symbolises calmness or serenity, qualities we often associated with the longstanding monarch.

Unsurprisingly, blue was also the colour for the Queen ahead of her Platinum Jubilee earlier this year. Hence it is thought that the Queen’s favourite colour was blue, Royal Central writes.

Photo by Terry Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images
Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images
Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

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