Royal source reveals why the Queen is missing her favourite event as Prince Charles steps in once again

As the Queen has been facing mobility issues due to her age, Prince Charles has been taking up more and more royal engagements on her behalf.

Prince Charles steps in for the Queen yet again
© Max Mumby
Prince Charles steps in for the Queen yet again

Her Majesty has been facing mobility issues since last year and it seems like they’re getting worse with time as she is confirmed to miss another one of her favourite events this year. She has barely been seen in public this year and during one of her public appearances in February, she confirmed that she wasn’t able to ‘move.’

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Missed attendance for Braemar Highland Games

As Her Majesty continues to struggle to move, it has been reported that she will be missing her favourite Braemar Highland Games this Saturday. Instead, Prince Charles will be swooping in to replace her at the last minute, confirms The Sun.

The Queen and Prince Charles at Braemar Highland Games Chris Jackson

The decision comes after her comfort has been placed at a higher priority than her attendance at the games. Earlier this week, Buckingham Palace also announced that the 96-year-old monarch will not be travelling to appoint the next PM. The ceremony will not take place at Balmoral, making it a historic first.

The Braemar Royal Highland Society has organised the Highland Games since 1832. Queen Victoria was the first royal to attend the games in 1848 and it has been a tradition for the reigning monarch and other members of the Royal Family to be a part of the games.

Why would she miss the event?

The event is being held for the first time after 2019 and it was earlier anticipated that the Queen will be in attendance at her favourite event, which is usually a summer holiday highlight for her. It is not so much of a public engagement but is marked as a private event in Her Majesty’s calendar.

The Queen at Braemar Highland Games Samir Hussein

Despite wanting to be present at the games, she will be missing the event for mainly two reasons:

  • Getting her to the games would be a task, even though the game venue is only a short distance from her Balmoral Castle estate.
  • If she attends, she will have to sit in public for a long period to watch the games, which can be discomforting for the monarch.

So, Prince Charles is ready to step in yet again to attend the games on behalf of the Queen as she misses it for the first time during her 70-year reign.

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