Prince Andrew: Queen will not be funding his sex abuse case, source reveals

Now that Prince Andrew has failed to have the sex abuse lawsuit against him dismissed, this is what could happen next.

Prince Andrew
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Prince Andrew

On 12 January, US Judge Lewis Kaplan announced that the sex abuse lawsuit filed against Prince Andrew by accuser Virginia Giuffre will proceed to trial. The decision was a massive blow to the royal family and particularly the Queen.

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Prince Andrew’s options

Being publicly trialled on sex abuse charges can have disastrous consequences on the royal family and many experts have concluded that that is probably the worst option. If Prince Andrew does go to trial, he will be cross-examined, along with other members of the family, which can put the monarchy in a difficult position.

According to The Guardian, he can file for a 'motion of reconsideration' or take his appeal to the second circuit court of appeals and even the US supreme court, but that would delay the proceedings even further.

Expert in constitutional law, Mark Stephens believes that the only way to save himself, and the monarchy, from the disgrace of going to court is bystriking a deal with Giuffre. He said, as quoted by The Sun:

This has dropped a bomb on the Royal Family. It is the most serious problem in living memory.
The only thing to make it worse would be if he were cross-examined over what he did or didn’t do to a 17-year-old woman. He has to settle now. It is his least worst option. He would be lampooned by Ms Giuffre’s lawyer in court.

Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies told the tabloid that a settlement may be possible, but he thinks that ‘Virginia is determined to go to trial.'

Saving the royal family?

Regardless of the steps he takes next, experts believe that the time has come for the Queen to distance herself from the controversy and her son. An insider told Mirror that the Queen is no longer financially supporting him with his legal costs, and will not do so if he decides to reach an agreement. The source said:

He is meeting all the costs himself so he needs to raise cash fast to pay bills which are increasing by the day.
If there was the potential to settle, well, that is an option, but it is in no doubt that the Queen would not assist him in doing so.

The source added that Prince Charles and Prince William held the opinion that he could 'sort his own mess.' There is speculation that he is going to sell the £18 million Swiss chalet, that he recently settled the debts for, to pay for his legal fees and potentially his settlement with Giuffre.

The next part of the proceedings will be depositions in which both parties will present evidence and testimonies that they will use during the trial. According to The Sun, the depositions will take place in February and the trial will likely take place later in the year.

Prince Andrew: Will the Queen have to testify in sex abuse case? Prince Andrew: Will the Queen have to testify in sex abuse case?