King Charles makes new change to the Royal menu for a more sustainable future

King Charles is strongly committed to the environment and wants to set an even stronger example of sustainability. That is why there is now also a change at tea time.

King Charles tea time sustainability green move
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King Charles tea time sustainability green move

King Charles III had already announced before his official coronation that he wanted to modernize the monarchy and make it leaner. He is also committed to environmental protection and sustainability. Now he has killed two birds with one stone with a small change.

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King Charles' move against food waste

In England, around 12 million tons of food are wasted every year, while many people go hungry. Charles and Camilla want to tackle this with new centers by making it easier to distribute food to food banks and the like.

In addition to this 'Coronation Food Project', they want to set a good example themselves - even at the almost sacred tea time! In future, they will no longer be served new treats every day, but will eat the cake they have started one by one.

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Further changes to the royal menu are not ruled out

It is already well known that King Charles and his family take no exception to the issues of sustainability, environmental protection and animal welfare. For example, the King has already removed the delicacy foie gras from his menus, as its preparation is classified as cruelty to animals.

He has also demonstrated his sustainable approach to fashion - even at his own coronation, he wore some of his ancestors' clothes! Accordingly, it cannot be ruled out that the king will gradually make further adjustments. And as you can see, not even his own menu is safe.

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