King Charles diagnosed with cancer: There could be a hidden meaning behind the picture of the announcement

King Charles’ cancer announcement was made in the evening of 5 February 2024. To accompany it The Palace released a brand new picture of the monarch. There could be more to it than what first meets the eyes.

King Charles cancer picture
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King Charles cancer picture

10 days ago King Charles was released from the London’s Clinic after undergoing surgery for an enlarged prostate. At the time, all were relieved that the operation had gone well and believed the King would be back to his normal duties a few weeks later.

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Then, on 5 February, in the evening, a statement announcing the King’s cancer diagnosis was released. On top of the diagnosis The Palace announced that King Charles had ‘commenced a schedule of regular treatments’ on Monday 5 February.

Of course many commented on the news itself but some experts have also looked closely at the image attached to it. They believe it could be trying to say something…

King Charles’ new picture

Express reports that a royal commentator believes the image, which shows King Charles standing in a blue pinstripe suit, in a doorway and with a magnificent chandelier behind him is trying to say more than it appears.

GB News’ royal correspondent Cameron Walker explained:

It’s understood, that it has no greater significance than being a recent unseen portrait, because we haven’t seen this photo before, and it may be a reflection of happier times.

Indeed, as the photographer Samir Hussein explains on Instagram, the picture was taken last September when the King and Queen Consort went on their first State Visit in France. According to Cameron Walker, The Palace’s choice of picture is calculated.

The state visit to France was widely seen as an incredibly successful tour and it showed King Charles as an incredibly strong British diplomat, exercising his powers of soft diplomacy.

That image therefore shows the King as strong and capable even though the text tells us his health is at risk.

A contrasting rush to the King for Prince Harry

When the King’s cancer announcement was made, it was very quickly announced that his youngest son, Prince Harry was going to make his way to London. On 6 February, less than 24 hours after the public announcement, Prince Harry touched down at Heathrow Airport.

Later on in the day, it was revealed that the Prince, who hasn’t seen his father since his coronation in May 2023, had made his way to Clarence House where the King and Queen reside.

According to Daily Mail, a ‘source close’ to the Prince said that Harry’s quick trip ‘indicates the seriousness’ of the situation. Looking at the speed at which the Prince came, it is true that one can’t help but notice that it contrasts with the cool and powerful stance the official announcement offered.

At the moment it is unknown how long Prince Harry will stay in the UK or if his stay will include moments with his older brother Prince William. So far, it has been reported by The Telegraph that the King left Clarence House only 45 minutes after Prince Harry made it there. The King and Queen have chosen to retire to Sandringham.

To mark the significance of the King’s announcement, Princess Beatrice was also seen earlier on 6 February to visit her uncle at Clarence House.

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