King Charles’ ‘deliberate’ reason to announce his surgery just after Kate’s, expert explains

It was announced last week that Princess Kate had surgery, and just a few hours after, it was announced King Charles would be having surgery too. This may have been deliberate.

King Charles surgery Kate
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King Charles surgery Kate

On Wednesday, January 17 it was announced that Princess Kate had undergone abdominal surgery and would be recovering in hospital for 10 to 14 days, then she would continue her recovery at home. Princess Kate will be out of work until at least Easter, as confirmed by The Palace.

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On the same day, just two hours after Princess Kate’s health update, it was announced that King Charles would be undergoing surgery to treat an enlarged prostate. It is highly unusual for The Palace to announce such detailed health updates, especially so close to each other. One royal expert believes this was a strategy by King Charles.

King Charles took to the spotlight off of Princess Kate

According to royal historian Dr Tessa Dunlop, King Charles may have announced his surgery to take the spotlight off of Princess Kate so she could recover in peace. She told the Mirror that the announcement from The Palace was ‘unprecedented and also canny’.

Buckingham Palace doesn't do spontaneity; the release of a statement containing private matters about the King's health immediately after news of the Princess of Wales' major abdominal surgery was deliberate.

She explained that announcing the King would be having surgery too would give the public ‘something else to think about’ especially given that The Palace provided details about the condition:

The timing deflected from his daughter-in-law's major operation, likewise, the private detail concerning his prostate gave the public something else to think about.

Finally, she explained that this was an ‘obvious strategy’ from His Majesty:

But beyond that obvious strategy, I believe there was something else at play.
The protective King may as well have said 'Here, have some information on me, but keep your prying eyes away from my daughter-in-law.'

The Palace has confirmed that neither surgeries are cancer-related.

King Charles previously made a loving reference to Princess Kate

Princess Kate officially became a part of the Royal Family when she married Prince William in 2011. The couple had been dating for several years and Prince William popped the question in 2010 during their trip to Kenya.

In fact, during King Charles and Queen Camilla’s trip to Kenya in October 2023, the King made a rare and loving comment about his daughter-in-law. During one of his speeches, King Charles was talking about the relationship between the UK and Kenya. He then referenced his son’s proposal to the now Princess of Wales:

Nearly fifty years later it was here, in sight of Mount Kenya, that my son, The Prince of Wales, proposed to his wife, now my beloved daughter-in-law.

It is rare for members of the Royal Family to share such tributes except for special occasions. The fact that King Charles made a comment - even such a small one - shows that the King cares about his daughter-in-law.

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