Kate Middleton has a subtle strategy to shift media attention, royal watcher says it's not working

Kate Middleton has been doing something very different since she returned from her summer break. But, this royal watcher doesn’t think the Princess’ new strategy will work, here’s why.

Kate Middleton Prince William Royal Family Princess of Wales
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Kate Middleton Prince William Royal Family Princess of Wales

Since the royals came back from their summer break in Scotland, they have been hard at work, attending event after event. Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, is one of them. She has been all over the country and to France working.

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The royals’ engagements are very important for the image of the Royal Family and are therefore photographed under every angle. That is why the Princess’ drastic change of style has been causing a lot of stir. All over the world, articles are written about her suits.

But why has her style changed so much and so quickly?

Kate Middleton, suit after suit after suit

The world noticed the Princess’ style change very quickly. In a month Kate Middleton has worn more than 10 suits during royal engagements. While wearing a suit is not a first in the Royal Family, Meghan Markle is even known for them, this is a drastic change for Kate who has mostly been a floral, bright dress woman.

On October 5, Vogue UK, wrote about the shift. According to them, Kate’s new uniform is due to her new role within the Royal Family. Indeed, her husband Prince William is now next in line which makes her the Queen in waiting.

Vogue writes:

A trouser suit is the ideal choice for a modern-day princess: it’s polished and timeless, but practical, too.
This more businesslike look also reinforces the message that the Firm—and Kate and William in particular—work hard.


wearing variations on the same outfit might shift the focus onto the cause the princess is spotlighting, and away from her much-scrutinised wardrobe.

These are all very good and sensible reasons that could justify the style change but, is it really working?

Kate Middleton’s strategy isn't totally full proof

Royal watcher and TikTok content creator @matta_of_fact fully agrees with Vogue’s interpretation of the change that occurred in Kate’s style. However, she challenges its efficiency more.

The problem is that the work that Kate and the rest of the royals are doing is not interesting enough for that to be the topic of our conversation.

The royal watcher continues and brings forth an interesting point. The risk that the Princess and the Royal Family overall are taking is that by stopping comments on her clothes, people will stop talking about the Wales altogether.

@matta_of_fact also highlights that having a ‘uniform’ is a great way to establish your style and royal presence however it can also let you down if you don’t do it properly. And, according to the royal watcher, Kate hasn’t been doing it properly.

Will and Kate were in Cardiff to visit with members of the windrush generation and their descendants. My question regarding the fashion choice here is: why is this an engagement where you’re trying to show us that this is just business?
Because that’s what that uniform is. It’s Kate’s way of telling us she takes things very seriously. But it also just seems very formulaic.
TikTok Kate Middleton Prince William Royal Family Princess of Wales  @matta_of_fact

Finally, the royal watcher points out that Kate’s new style lacks personality. The royal commentator believes that that is another reason why Kate’s style has changed. The royal wants to show her personality more instead of letting the clothes do the talking. However, @matta_of_fact points out that being ‘relatable’ is not Prince Williams and Kate’s forté.

Will and Kate are kind of notorious for not having that same personable energy and really having to work to do things to make themselves seem relatable. The hugs are a very recent addition to royal engagements. And the heart hands (...) I’ve never seen her do this before.
TikTok Kate Middleton Prince William Royal Family Princess of Wales  @matta_of_fact

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