Meghan Markle has a secret tactic to shut down negative press, royal expert reveals

With the Invictus Games happening between 9 and 16 September, Meghan Markle was in the spotlight. This is how she avoided the critics this time around…

Meghan Markle's 'genius move' uncovered by royal experts
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Meghan Markle's 'genius move' uncovered by royal experts

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have made royal watchers and Sussex fans really happy over the past few days! Indeed, the couple reunited for the last days of the 2023 Invictus Games.

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After the blurry and stolen footage and pictures of their cute moment during the Los Angeles Beyoncé concert, the two were separated by an ocean with Prince Harry in the UK and Germany and Meghan Markle in California. But this all changed when in the evening of 12 September, Meghan Markle finally joined her husband at the Invictus games.

As the Duchess of Sussex is always scrutinised with many looking for a way to criticise her, TikTok royal watcher @matta_of_fact reveals Markle’s unique way to shut down critics before they can even start…

Meghan Markle arrives at the Invictus Games

Even before Meghan Markle arrived in Dusseldorf, she was making headlines. Pictures of her at the airport were already having royal watchers on edge.

When she arrived, fans were over the moon. The Duchess’ first step as part of the Invictus Games was to give an unexpected speech at a friends and family event. In her speech she apologised for being late and explained that she had to take a bit more time to take care of Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

While this little anecdote about the children is always welcome, this is not how Meghan avoided criticism while at the Invictus Games.

Meghan Markle: fashion as a weapon

As the TikTok royal watcher, @matta_of_fact pointed out Meghan Markle has nailed her style.

The TikToker says:

Tell me this isn’t the perfect way to blend formal and casual, approachable and also the perfect way to dress for this weird time of year.

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We must agree, the Duchess looked fabulous. But not only that, Meghan Markle cut the legs off the press when she decided to include some affordable pieces into her outfits. In the past, the English press slammed Meghan Markle for the price of her clothes, making headlines revealing the price of her belongings. The day just before she arrived, 11 September the Daily Mail titled ‘Grinning Meghan Markle pulls up in her $140k Range Rover at Montecito 'In-N-Out Burger.'

But the press has not been able to do that this time. The TikToker explains that Meghan’s first outfit was a $70 Banana Republic shirt dress. The following day she wore a J Crew sweater. She was also seen wearing a Zara romper.

The TikToker explains:

Another thing I’ve noticed with this outfit that centres on affordable, accessible pieces, the Daily Mail isn’t price checking her in their headlines.

She then continues by saying that these outfit choices have changed the ‘backbone’ of the tabloids coverage of the Invictus Games.

That was a genius move on Meghan’s part. She forced the hand of the media so they focus on the Invictus Games themselves

@matta_of_facts’ theory seems to have been approved by royal expert Daniela Elser who says in Express:

The Duchess of Sussex, in taking her wardrobe off the table story-wise this week, would seem to be trying to ensure that the spotlight and attention remains on the Games and her thinning-haired other half, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex.

However, since the Invictus Games have been over, the media are back on their price checking train and they are now running with the idea that Meghan Markle’s outfits cost over £200,000.


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