The five things in your home everybody forgets to clean... but definitely shouldn't!

There are several things in your home that you never clean, or clean only once a year. Take out word for it, you'll definitely want to clean these objects more often!

Cleaning your home
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Cleaning your home

Cleaning is often more of a chore than a moment of pleasure, and it must be said that we are often satisfied with the minimum necessary. For example, hoovering, cleaning windows, sweeping, moving furniture, washing sheets...

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However, there are many objects that are used on a daily basis that are often forgotten to be cleaned, sometimes for years. To make your interior look nice, here is a little recap of these objects and areas that should be cleaned more often than you think. Ready?

Ice tray

We often use it to refresh our drinks in the summer, yet we never think about cleaning it. It's very simple, a dab of dishwashing liquid or put it in the dishwasher.

Phone screen

It is well known, the phone screen is a haven for germs. Worse, according to a recent study by the University of Manchester, our smartphones have three times more bacteria than a toilet bowl. Therefore, remember to clean it once a week with a special screen spray.


Your friends come to visit, and you open the door after having taken the tube, having had a drink or even snacked on chips. As a result, the intercom tends to turn yellow or black and accumulate bacteria. A clean cloth soaked in white vinegar will remove all traces.

Door handles

They are used every day and yet they are NEVER washed! It's simple, though. Spray a little white vinegar on the handles and you're done. The same goes for your car keys.

Steering wheel

As for the car, in addition to hoovering it and cleaning the windows, also remember to clean your steering wheel! A small amount of product to protect all surfaces in the area and it will be done! Remember to repeat once a month.

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