Tired of silverfish in your house? Get rid of these annoying pests with five simple tricks

Having your home infested with silverfish is annoying as these tiny insects damage property and trigger allergies. Luckily, you can get rid of them with a few simple tricks.

Get rid of silverfish in your home with these simple tricks
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Get rid of silverfish in your home with these simple tricks

Silverfish, or Lepisma saccharina, are clearly not fish but pretty annoying insects who got their nickname for their colour and the way that their bodies move back and forth and side-to-side. Although they are not dangerous, they can damage your home and trigger allergies.

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If you are determined to get rid of them, here are a few reliable way.

Why are there silverfish in your home?

These pests tend to eat sugary substances called polysaccharides that are found in numerous household objects, such as book glue, carpet fibres, paint, fabrics, and even furniture, so the house environment is very attractive to them.

Like many other household pests, they thrive in moist, humid places. They leave their eggs, which look like white and yellow bulbs, in dark, hidden areas of your home.

Silverfish can live up to 8 years and reproduce frequently throughout their lives.

Want to get rid of silverfish for good? Here is how.

1. Trap silverfish in a glass container

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Put starchy food or substance in a glass container and wrap the outside with tape. This way, silverfish can get into the jar by climbing up the textured surface of the tape, but they won’t be able to get back out because their feet can’t adhere to the smooth glass surface inside.

2. Trap silverfish in a newspaper

Roll up the newspaper. Wet it so silverfish crawl into it and make their homes. After a few days, throw the newspaper away or burn it to get rid of the pests that have stayed there.

3. Use a sticky trap

Silverfish are small, wingless insects that live in moist places. They are related to the cockroach and can be a...

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Put out sticky traps. Silverfish can crawl and get stuck on these.

4. Resource to poison

Put out small bits of silverfish poison. Don’t use this method if you have pets or children who might eat or touch the poison.

5. Use bay leaves

Did you know that by adding bay leaves to your bins of seasonal clothing(or yarn😜)smelling fresh and keeps bugs like silverfish and moths away??

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Spread dried bay leaves throughout your home. Silverfish and other insects are repelled by their oils.

Here is how to prevent silverfish

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To keep silverfish away, store all dry food in your cupboards in sealed containers.

It’s also important to dust your home often. This will steer silverfish clear of particles that may contain starches or saccharides that they like to eat.

Remove items with adhesive from your house. This includes stacks of paper, laundry, cardboard boxes, or other items that silverfish could be attracted to.

Also, store clothes in a dry environment and use caulking.

Getting a dehumidifier can also be a good idea, as is ventilating any rooms that get warm and moist.

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