Make scrambled eggs even more delicious by adding these simple ingredients

While you might feel like you have mastered the perfect scrambled eggs, here are some ways to elevate your dish even more by making these simple additions.

Upgrade your scrambled eggs with these easy additions
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Upgrade your scrambled eggs with these easy additions

Scrambled eggs is one of the most popular breakfast dish; not only is it super healthy but it is also amazingly convenient and versatile: you can eat it on the go or serve it up as part of a classy brunch.

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But if you want to upgrade your scrambled eggs and want to go beyond adding just bacon or cheese in it, here are some super easy ways in which you can elevate your scrambled egg game and impress everyone at the next brunch you host.

Patience is a virtue

While making scrambled eggs, do not hurry to get the job done as soon as possible. Though you might think of scrambled eggs as a quick meal, for silky and luxurious-tasting scrambled eggs, you will need to take your time and pay attention to the process.

Always cook scrambled eggs on medium-low heat and be sure to keep stirring the eggs once they are on the pan.

Worcestershire sauce can add a surprising kick

This one might be shocking to some, but a few drops of Worcestershire sauce can add a huge depth of flavour to your scrambled eggs. The hint of sweet and sourness that the sauce provides adds a nice rounded umami-flavour to the eggs.

The right amount of seasoning can do wonders to bring out the flavours of your dish Jess Ng / EyeEm

Using fresh herbs is under-rated

Garnishing your scrambled eggs with fresh herbs can elevate the flavours of your dish. Not only does it add oomph and sophistication to your presentation, herbs are also a nice way to add a layer of freshness to your dish.

If you have some pesto sauce in the fridge, you can even add a bit of that to your eggs. It will only make it more delicious.

When in doubt, spice it up

Adding a hint of spice such as pepper, paprika or adding even fresh peppers and chillies adds complexity to the flavours profile of your eggs. The hint of spice keeps your dish from tasting boring.

Adding herbs and seasonal vegetables can really elevate your scrambled eggs BURCU ATALAY TANKUT

Add seasonal ingredients

There is a whole host of seasonal vegetables that you can add to your scrambled eggs to make it more interesting. There can be a world of egg and veggies combos that are very complementary to each other, such as mushroom, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini, asparagus etc.

Potatoes and eggs always go together

If you have leftover potatoes or even fries, they made a great addition to scrambled eggs. Just snack the potatoes on a pan until they are golden and crispy and pour over the already beaten eggs. The result is a simpler version of Spanish omelette or Spanish tortilla.

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