This is the best at-home remedy for your cold this winter

The frequency of colds often increases in winter. Many people therefore turn to tried and tested home remedies, such as chicken soup. But how helpful is it really?

home remedy cold winter
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home remedy cold winter

If you have a cold, you don't always resort to medication straight away, but often try to alleviate some of the symptoms in other ways, be it with the help of teas (although you should stay away from one particular tea if you have a cold) or by inhaling, for example. But what about classic chicken soup? Can it really help you recover?

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Chicken soup can have an anti-inflammatory effect

To help those affected get back on their feet, it is better to avoid certain things when you have a cold. Chicken soup, on the other hand, can be enjoyed by people with a cold because, according to a study from the USA, it can have a beneficial effect on recovery. Spektrum explains this as follows:

There is evidence that chicken soup inhibits the activity of a group of immune cells, the neutrophil granulocytes, and therefore has an anti-inflammatory effect. Chicken meat also contains protein building blocks such as cysteine or carnosine, which act as antioxidants and can also inhibit inflammation and protect body cells.

Chicken soup can do much more for colds

The news portal T-Online points out other benefits that eating chicken soup can bring. First of all, soup consists of a lot of water, which is thus added to the body. It also contains 'vitamins, zinc and iron', for example.

Soup is also usually consumed warm, which causes our blood vessels to dilate. As a result, our body is better supplied with blood. This in turn leads to 'more of the body's own defense cells reaching the mucous membranes', according to the NDR.

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