Flu season: Expert reveals how long you have to stay away from people if you're sick

No matter how bad you were feeling, many people used to drag themselves to work with the flu. But this has changed since COVID. We stay at home when we feel ill, but for how long?

flu cold season ill stay home isolation
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flu cold season ill stay home isolation

Winter is coming and with it the cold and flu season returns. However, the boundaries between the two illnesses are sometimes blurred. As the number of cases of respiratory illnesses has already risen sharply for this time of year, some experts recommend wearing a mask again for protection.

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You can get sick if you meet infectious people outside. And this should be avoided if possible.

How long should you stay at home?

You are most infectious in the first three to four days after the onset of the illness. According to Dr. Daniela Huzly, Federal Chairwoman of the Professional Association of Physicians for Microbiology, Virology and Infection Epidemiology, the amount of viruses that are excreted decreases sharply from the third day onwards, although you will continue to experience symptoms. You have these symptoms because your immune system is working. If you have a poor immune system, you may be infectious for longer.

You should also stay at home if it is not possible to work without pain, for example if you have a sinus infection. If you have a fever of over 38 degrees, it is also better to stay in bed and recover.

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There is a catch-up effect due to the pandemic rules

No, it's not deceptive, everyone is currently getting sick more often and it also takes longer to get rid of the infection. Wearing masks has prevented us from coming into contact with viruses and training our immune system as we could in the past. That's why it's currently taking us longer to recover from respiratory illnesses.

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It’s flu season: Know how long you’re contagious for and how to stay safe It’s flu season: Know how long you’re contagious for and how to stay safe