Experts reveal the real reason why we usually gain more weight in winter

While summer is a good time to lose weight, winter is the time when we tend to put on a few pounds... But why?

body weight gain winter reason
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body weight gain winter reason

Raclettes, tartiflettes and fondues aside, winter makes it hard to stick to a diet or even start a slimming program! So it's normal for us to put on a few kilos during this season. But that's not the only reason. There are many factors involved in winter weight gain.

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A high-calorie, high-fat diet

Weight gain in winter can be due to eating during the festive season, or to all those other (over)heavy meals we're used to eating when the weather's cold. Cakes, high-fat dishes, chocolates... these are just some of the reasons, but there are many other issues you may never have thought of.

In winter, we tend to wrap ourselves in clothes, which is normal below -40°C. What's less obvious is that these layers of clothing make us less attentive to our weight gain, which indirectly pushes us to pay less attention than in other seasons. It's not in winter that we're going to walk around in bikinis and create complexes that would lead us to start a slimming diet.

When it comes to dressing for winter, we're all about staying warm and comfortable. That's why you notice a few extra kilos later on. But there's nothing wrong with putting on weight; on the contrary, it's natural, because in winter, our bodies do everything they can to keep us warm.

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Why does cold encourage weight gain?

Although it's easier to put on weight in winter, this is the season when we burn the most calories! In fact, we burn more calories to maintain our body temperature. That's why you'll want to eat more calories than usual. So it's not just Christmas and New Year's that drive us to eat fatty foods: cold weather does too!

Winter is the season to stay in bed and binge-watch TV series. So we're not necessarily motivated by the idea of getting out and walking when it's very cold. As a result, we exercise less, or even not at all. This encourages weight gain, all the more so as our diet is rich in calories.

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How can I lose weight in winter?

We all have different bodies and metabolisms, which means that when faced with weight gain, we don't all react in the same way.

That's why there's no single effective way to burn fat, but rather a number of healthy habits to adopt for a balanced diet. Here are some tips for adopting a healthy lifestyle that will help you keep the pounds off in winter:

  • Prepare your meals in advance
  • Vary the foods you eat, but never deprive yourself.
  • Nibble on cereals or fruit instead of sweet cakes
  • Replace refined sugar with natural sugars
  • Play sports and have fun at the same time, and don't forget to drink plenty of water!

Now you're armed with the knowledge you need to cope with winter weight gain!

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