You've been making your cup of tea wrong, expert reveals

As per a tea expert, here is the way to prepare the perfect cup of British tea.

You've been making your cup of tea wrong, expert reveals
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You've been making your cup of tea wrong, expert reveals

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world, enjoyed by millions of people every day. It has a long history and deep cultural significance in many countries. Though tea can also be used for cooking, most people still consume it in the form of beverages.

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Tea is also popularly consumed due to its medicinal properties with many scientific studies having shown that teas help reduce the risk of diabetes and it even reduces risk of death by 13%. As reported by The Sun, if you are want to make the perfect cup of English tea for yourself, here is the right way to do it, as per an expert.

The expert stressed that the ritual of making tea is as important as the final product Sixteen Miles Out

The right way to make the perfect British tea

The report by The Sun presents the method to make the perfect cup of tea according to Jane Malyon, who owns a company that creates tea hampers, and has tasted and prepared her fair share of tea during her time working in the tea industry.

As per the expert, for the perfect cup of tea, you should use a teapot and loose leaf tea. She described her tea ritual saying,

If you can, warm the pot first before you put the tealeaves in.
Swirl some hot water in then back out again so it's hot and steamy for the best taste.

As per the expert, you should not put your tea leaves in boiling water because it could scald them. The right temperature for the water is just before it reaches boiling point.

As for when to add the milk, the expert reveals her thoughts saying,

Lots of people like to put the milk in first and swear it tastes different.
But until you add the milk you wont know how strong the tea is.

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The expert also shared her thoughts on whether dunking biscuits in tea is acceptable or not Miruna Conţ

Things not to do while making tea

The expert also gave some pointers on things you should avoid while making tea.

She said that after having boiled water in your kettle once, you should not re-boil any leftover water in the kettle to make a fresh batch of tea. This is because,

Once boiled, the oxygen is gone. It won't have the same taste as fresh water

Again, as per Jane, you should never use a microwave to make or reheat a brew. You should also avoid an electric kettle, and use a regular stove-top kettle to make you tea.

The expert stresses that this is because the ritual of making tea is as important a part of enjoying tea as the final product you drink in the end.

The expert also holds the opinion that while dunking your biscuit into your tea is perfectly acceptable, but it is best to avoid doing it in 'a posh place.'

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