These are all of the sneaky ways advertisers make food look 10 times better on film

Many of us wonder why our home cooking doesn’t look as perfect, symmetrical, and shiny as food seen in adverts. We are going to unveil publicists' tricks in making fake food look so appetising! Watch our video to learn more about this trickery!

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These are some of the little tricks advertisers use to make their food look irresistible in adverts.

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1. Syrup: Food syrups are usually too light to look good in photos, publicists use motor oil instead, its colour is perfect.

2. Cake: When you see those beautiful tiered cakes you wouldn’t believe that they’re fake and made out of cardboard!

3. Chicken: Beautifulroast chicken, shiny, and plump but the chicken you see in adverts is filled with papier-mâché and its skin is stuffed with potato purée to give it that plump appearance. To give it that perfect shine it is covered in shoe polish!

4. Berries: Berries that look like they’ve come straight out of the morning dew are actually sprayed in deodorant to give them that glazed effect and they use glycerine for the dew drops.

5. Hamburgers: Burgers are one of the most difficult foods to photograph, they are fixed by toothpicks and polished with tweezers.

6. Ketchup: As for the ketchup, it’s added with a syringe, the sesame seeds are chosen and perfectly placed on the bread bun with tweezers.

7. Milk: Stylists often use white glue to replace milk so that the milk is thick enough so the cereal doesn’t sink.

8. Grilled vegetables: The beautiful black lines you see on grilled vegetables are done with eyeliner or charcoal...

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