Here Are 5 Tips For Making A Delicious Omelette

Check out our easy tips for making a delicious omelette in just a few minutes.

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Nothing could be simpler than an omelette! A few beaten eggs, a little topping, all cooked in a few minutes in a frying pan. However, making an omelette can sometimes be a bit tricky. If too runny, it is indigestible. Overcooked, it becomes dry and not very tasty. Here are our tips for making a great omelette, and enjoying it!

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1. Buy quality eggs

There's no secret, to make a good omelette you need good eggs. Choose at least eggs from free-range hens or ideally, eggs from organic farming. They will be bigger, richer and have nice yolks. Now it's up to you to make a beautiful and colourful omelette!

2. Prepare the ingredients in advance

For your omelette to be successful, you will need to prepare the ingredients ahead of time. Having everything at hand will allow you to cook your omelette properly. Beat your eggs and prepare your filling just before cooking the omelette. You will only have to put everything together at the end.

3. Froth the eggs

If the traditional recipe calls for the eggs to be slightly beaten, you can choose to make a very even and airy omelette. To do this, simply beat your eggs with an electric whisk to make them foam. You will obtain a light and frothy omelette.

4. Be creative with the topping

Forget the plain omelettes with a bland taste that we used to eat in the lunchroom! An omelette can be extremely gourmet. Just add a tasty topping. Here are a few ideas:

  • Ham + truffle sauce + gruyère cheese
  • Mushrooms + spinach sprouts + feta cheese
  • Potatoes + bacon + gruyère cheese
  • Dried tomatoes + basil + parmesan cheese
  • Gorgonzola + fresh spinach
  • Pecorino romano + butternut squash
  • Cheddar cheese + mushrooms + onions
  • Gouda + turkey
  • Goat cheese + sundried tomatoes + courgettes
  • Salmon + fresh cream + dill

5. Don't skimp on the butter

All the great chefs will tell you, fat is taste. To make your omelette as beautiful as it is good, you'll have to put a little butter in the pan. Not only will you get a beautiful golden omelette, but it will also prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pan. You will, therefore, need to add a good knob of butter, melt it and lightly foam it before you put in your egg mixture.

Finally, serve with a delicious salad with vinegar.

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