Expert reveals the best way to sit on the toilet to relieve constipation naturally

If a healthy lifestyle is the key to regular bowel movements, did you know that there's an infallible position that will get rid of mild constipation? That's what this doctor reveals.

constipation remedy natural toilet poo
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constipation remedy natural toilet poo

In the world of social networking, viral dance routines and fashion hauls are legion. Funny, but useful, information is also becoming increasingly common. For example, a doctor came up with the idea of making a video explaining the best position for successfully relieving oneself when constipated.

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A very easy trick

Shot with a touch of humor, the TikTok video of 29-year-old Daria Sadovskaya, a nephrologist by profession, touches on a serious subject: constipation. It is a serious matter, because chronic constipation affects around 16% of the world's population. Aware of the hassles that the situation can bring: bloating, stomach pains, but also cognitive decline in the most serious cases, she wanted to share her foolproof method with the app's users.

Sitting on the throne, you simply place one of your ankles on the upper thigh of the opposite leg and turn your torso outwards. And if the enthusiastic messages from her followers are anything to go by ('I'm currently on the toilet and I can tell it's working!'), the technique seems to be proving its worth; even if it does require a certain flexibility, as some have pointed out. Sadovskaya explains:

This trick works a bit like a self-massage, helping stools to come out more quickly and easily. It's quite effective in cases of mild constipation.

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The discreet charm of the intestine

This isn't the first time the doctor has shared her health tips and tricks with her large following community. Earlier, she revealed that, for reasons of hygiene, she always ties up her long hair when going to the toilet. A sometimes taboo subject, constipation can be dangerous if left untreated: nutritional deficiencies, intestinal dysfunction, but also psychological damage, as revealed by the NHS.

Drinking enough water, eating fiber, sorbitol-rich fruits such as apples, grapes, prunes or strawberries, fresh vegetables and avoiding alcohol and stimulants are all ways to overcome it. Without doubt one of the longest organs in our body, the intestine, which communicates chemically with the brain, is responsible for the general well-being of our organism.

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