This is what the shape of your poop says about your health, according to an expert

The appearance of our poop can tell us a lot about our health. According to one expert, you can detect dehydration, inflammation and more by paying attention to the appearance of your stool.

What the shape of your poop says about your health, according to an expert
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What the shape of your poop says about your health, according to an expert

Poop is a taboo subject. We don't look at it, we don't talk about it, we don't talk about them... Except for jokes that are often considered immature. However, we would gain a lot by paying attention to its consistency, its colour and its shape. Indeed, certain health problems can result in stools with an unusual appearance, but also its smell can be an indication of your health status.

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Checking your poop may not be a glamorous thing to do, but if it can help keep an eye on your health it could be worth it. It is often with taboo subjects that we let things go when we're concerned because we can be too embarrassed to talk to our doctor. But remember, your doctor is there to help you and has most likely heard or seen worse things than your poop.

Your poop can detect dehydration and constipation

Doctor, author and naturopath Nigma Talib present herself as an expert in gut and skin health. On social media, she has hundreds of thousands of followers, and regularly posts videos related to her life, her habits, her nutritional advice and especially - what interests us - her expertise.

In one of her videos, she teaches us about the link between the consistency of our stool and our health. According to Dr Nigma Talib, caterpillar-shaped stools (several small balls stuck together) could be a sign of constipation and dehydration. The solution? Drink (lots of) more water, which already has so many health benefits, and eat more fibre.


Not your typical Bristol Stool chart! It's always important to examine your stool as it's a good gauge for what's going on internally. If you're watching this from the toilet, you're welcome. 💩 🚽 . . . #ingestibles#immunefunction#doctor#naturopathic#health#wellness#guthealth#skincare#goop#drnigma#drnigmatalib#naturopathicmedicine#healthtips#guthealth#healthyflora#digestion#inflammation#supplement#vitaminc#probiotic#prebiotic#antioxidants#hormones#vagusnerve#stress#pcos#hormonalhealth#skingutconnection

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The significance of mucous stools

In the same video, Dr Nigma Talib talks about mucous stools, which can be a sign of infection, inflammation of the intestine or Crohn's disease.

A little more traditional, round stools would indicate a diet too high in protein and too low in fibre. Translation: eat less meat and more fruits and vegetables!

And what about poop that floats on the surface? Not enough bile, too much gas and too much fat.

Okay, well, that's all very nice, but at the end of the day, what does a perfect stool look like? It's very simple: Dr Nigma Talib compares it to a hot dog!

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