Christmas music can be harmful to your health according to experts

Christmas music, like the tree and presents, is a must during the festive season. But they could be bad for your mental health.

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December is already here and that means the end-of-year period with its traditional Christmas parties. The world's most popular holiday will be accompanied, as usual, by special songs celebrating snow, the Christmas tree and the famous presents. The question is, should you be listening to Christmas music on repeat?

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Unhealthy carols?

Whether you're more into Vive le Vent or All I Want For Christmas Is You, everyone will have their own little melody in mind when buying presents. But aren't these melodies dangerous for our health? That's what psychologist Linda Blair says.

Christmas music: love it or hate it?

Psychologists say playing Christmas songs on a loop can damage shop workers' mental health

Posted by Sky News on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The songs can be mentally exhausting. As reported by LCL, she shared with Sky News:

People who work in shops at Christmas should ignore the songs, because if they don't, it can prevent them from concentrating on something else

Cognitive fatigue

While the first few notes usually provoke a feeling of melancholy, even nostalgia, the repetition of the songs can have a devastating effect on our minds. For example, have you ever tried to listen to Mariah Carey's famous song over and over again without going crazy?

Linda Blair explains. They cause a general stubbornness and it's extremely difficult to turn away from them. Cognitive fatigue follows and it takes a real effort to stop thinking about these songs. The more a Christmas song plays in your head, the harder it becomes to bear. The songs being so catchy also doesn't help the case. Of course, you don't need to stop listening to music completely. just don't overdo it.

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Christmas: Festive songs could actually be extremely harmful to your mental health Christmas: Festive songs could actually be extremely harmful to your mental health