Listening To Too Much Christmas Music Could Be Bad For Your Health

If you're a fan of the Christmas season, this news is not going to enchant you... According to a recent study, an overdose of Christmas carols would actually be bad for your mental health.

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According to psychologist Linda Blair, listening to ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ repeatedly could actually have a negative effect on our brain.

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She says in Sky News that ‘people who work in Christmas shops have to turn a deaf ear because if they do not, it really stops them from focusing on something else.’

‘You spend all your energy trying not to hear what you hear.’

Unfortunately, research shows that a good balance of festive odours and music can have a positive effect on a shop's environment, making customers happier. This is called sensory marketing. A 2005 study found that when the perfect symmetry between the song and the smell was achieved, it encouraged people to spend more time in a store and subsequently boost sales.

However, some types of music are more effective than others, says marketing professor Eric Spangenberg, who has studied the effect of holiday music in retail environments. Slow paces slow buyers down, which means they will stay longer in stores, while fast-paced songs can speed up shoppers' moves.

So even if you are impatient and you love the Christmas season... simply enjoy the moment without excessively listening to those melodies!

Christmas music can be harmful to your health according to experts Christmas music can be harmful to your health according to experts