Selena Gomez: This is why she once checked into a mental health facility

A look at Selena Gomez's mental health struggles and what urged her to check herself into a mental health facility.

This is why Selena checked into a mental health facility
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This is why Selena checked into a mental health facility

Selena Gomez has been an advocate for mental healthfor a long time. Her contribution to mental health awareness has been consistent over the years.

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Having grappled with her share of mental health issues for years, the ‘Calm Down’ singer was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2020. She openly spoke about her condition in an Instagram live with Miley Cyrus. Following this, she was admitted to amental health institution to receive treatment.

Selena Gomez’s mental struggle

Gomez’s history with mental health issues stems from the start of her lupus treatment in 2014. She was a victim of anxiety, depression, and panic attacks in the years that followed. After experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder in 2020, she allegedly checked herself into a mental health facility, as reported by Rolling Stone.

After being admitted to McLean Hospital, which is one of the best in the United States, the star slowly started coping with her bipolar disorder. Her approach to mental health issues is very candid, authentic, and natural.

Selena’s My Mind and Me

The ‘Slow Down’ artist’s new documentary My Mind and Me is set to release soon. This Apple TV Plus documentary dives deep into a vulnerable side of her mental health and her struggle to cope with it, as per Seventeen. The documentary, which Alek Keshishian directs, was not planned to revolve around mental health. The documentary team originally planned to film Gomez’s Revival tour in 2016, but given the star's mental ups and downs at the time, it evolved from there.

As per Vanity Fair, Selena Gomez said:

As nervous as I am to put out something this personal, in my heart, I know now is the time. I hope that by sharing my experiences and difficulties, it will help people feel inspired to share their own stories. And to have hope that things can and will get better.

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