Dr. George appointed as mental health ambassador by PM

Love Island's Dr. Alex George was appointed by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, as the Mental Health Ambassador to advise the government.

The 29-year-old has just been appointed as the government's Mental Health Ambassador which will see him focus on youth-related mental health issues. After tragically having lost his own brother to suicide last year, this new endeavour comes as a triumph in commemorating the life of his late sibling.

In memory of his brother

He will continue working as an A&E doctor but his new role will also entail providing input on the many issues that children and young people face vis-a-vis mental health.

Not only was this a game changing milestone in his professional career but he also expressed how his brother's legacy could live on accompanying him in his new role:

Losing my brother has been hard and I feel like, obviously nothing brings him back, but in some way it means I can actually do something positive in his name which is really important for me and my family. I feel proud, privileged and honoured.

He added:

This is for him and I always say we do it together, we're going through this together and I feel like he's with me in some way in this and whatever I achieve, it's with him. It feels very important to me and definitely to my family as well.

Focusing on society's youth

Part of his duties will also include finding ways to provide tools for teachers in order to help them best respond to students in need of extra support. He will also be looking into the additional steps that can be taken to ensure the mental health curriculum is up to a standard fit for every child.

Following the newly appointed position, George said that:

It was a real awareness that this is the biggest moment in my life. I'm under pretences that today is the biggest moment of my life. I'll never ever be in a position or do anything bigger than this. It is the pinnacle of the things I could ever hope for or hope to achieve.
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