Tight jeans can cause health issues according to experts

Skinny jeans look sexy to some but they can be really harmful to you. Experts warn that too-tight denim may lead to serious health complications and warn against wearing it.

Too tight jeans can lead to paralysis and other health risks, the experts say
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Too tight jeans can lead to paralysis and other health risks, the experts say

A 35-year-old woman almost needed surgery on her lower legs as a result of wearing a pair of very tight jeans. She was helping a family member move and after several hours of squatting and emptying cupboards in body-hugging denim, her feet went numb, and she experienced paralysis of her forefeet. Struggling to walk, she tripped and fell on the way home and was found hours later.

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The doctors concluded that she suffered from a condition called compartment syndromeVery Well Health writes.

What Is Compartment Syndrome?

With compartment syndrome, swelling occurs around muscle, nerves, and blood vessels as a direct result of an increase in pressure from your skinny jeans. It interferes with blood flow, nerve conduction, and motor action.

Compartment syndrome can eventually result in muscle breakdown, which was beginning to happen with this woman.

Fortunately, she had a mild version of the condition. All she required were intravenous fluids and four days of hospital rest before she was back on her feet.

Previously, there was a documented case of tight denim causing compartment syndrome in the upper legs instead. The patient had to get her jeans cut off due to severe swelling which nearly damaged her liver function.

What is Hourglass Syndrome?

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Stephanie Taylor, a pelvic floor expert at Kegel8, also warned about the dangers of wearing skinny jeans and a habit of sucking in your stomach to look smaller.

If you are squeezing in your tummy too much, the pressure is forced on the pelvic floor. This can then lead to potential bladder incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse which would then need surgery.

Your lungs can also be impacted, as everything in your middle region is pushed up - which then makes taking longer and deeper breaths more difficult, restricting the oxygen levels in the blood.

Engaging your abs for prolonged periods while walking or standing can alter your body’s mechanics, putting extra load on joints and muscles to make up for the lack of support from the constricted diaphragm.

Taylor explains:

When the diaphragm doesn’t descend downwards (as it should) into your belly—breathing into your lower torso—then it puts the neck under strain as it tries to compensate for the lack of breath. This plays a critical role in neck and shoulder pain.

How tight is too tight?

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These health risks don’t mean you should give up body-hugging clothes. They can be tight and still feel comfortable. But when they start causing physical discomfort, it’s time to size up.

Every body is different, but the common key signs of too-tight fit include red and pressure marks, skin irritation, numbness or tingling, difficulty breathing, and restricted movement.

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