6 ways a woman’s body can change their 20s

While second puberty might be a myth, there’s no mistaking that our bodies do undergo some drastic changes in our twenties.

6 Ways a Woman’s Body Can Change Their 20s
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6 Ways a Woman’s Body Can Change Their 20s

Many of us have suffered through sex-ed class, listening to the prophecy’s of puberty and wondering exactly which moment this wave of hormones will set its sights on us (praying it leaves a decent set of breasts in its wake). But, while teachers may have warned us about menstruation, sex and pregnancy, they often failed to let us know that our body’s changes don’t end with puberty. In fact, you’ll probably still be witnessing your metamorphosis well into your twenties and beyond.

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That’s right, if your glow up hasn’t hit yet, chances are it could still be on the way.

1. Periods get more predictable...but also more painful

If your periods weren’t regular in your teens, you’ll be pleased to know that they should start to settle down in your twenties when you reach peak fertility. Unfortunately, our period cramps also peak in this time as high levels of prostaglandin can amp up the pain factor.

2. You may have more acne than you did in your teens

If you managed to get through your teens relatively spot-free, we’re sorry to say your twenties may change that. In your twenties, you can expect to see a surge in estrogen and progesterone around your time of the month, which can trigger an increase in acne.

3. You might gain some weight

During your twenties, it’s normal to see your weight increase a little every year. You might also notice where you store this weight also changes. As you enter your glory years, your metabolism and hormones can change, causing fat to distribute more around your hips, thighs and bust areas.

4. Your sex drive will be at an all-time high

Thanks to hormones, your desire to get busy will be peaking in your twenties unless you’re on some form of hormonal birth control or medication that can affect your libido - in which case, we’re sorry.

5. Your vulva might look a little slimmer

While you may progressively gain weight over your twenties, one inconspicuous part of your body will effortlessly get slimmer - your vulva. This is just due to the changes in the body’s fat distribution and won’t affect tightness or your ability to self-lubricate.

6. Your boobs could get bigger...and so could your nipples

If the size of your chest ever bothered you, you’ll be happy to know that your twenties could bring yet another gift from the boob fairy. Like everything else on this list, breast growth in your twenties comes down to an increase in estrogen production and fat redistribution. Some people also don’t finish puberty until their mid-twenties, which means their breasts may still be developing during this time.

It’s not just your bust that grows, but your areolas can also see a bit of a change. Some people find that in their twenties, their nipples can start looking larger and darker than they did before, and this is totally normal, and the same kind of change can also happen during pregnancy.

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