Doctor astounded to discover a living animal inside this woman's body

In 2013, an American gynaecologist made a shocking discovery while examining a patient.

living organism inside woman's body
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living organism inside woman's body

When you're a health professional, you have to have a strong heart. Between the emergency physicians who have to recover accident victims and the embalmer in charge of cleaning the bodies of the deceased, some visions can be shocking. On the gynaecologists' side, daily life is much less morbid, but it happens that some practitioners come back from work a little surprised.

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One nurse got quite a shock when she helped deliver a baby and it was holding something in it hand. Another weird but common doctor issue is people coming in with various objects in different orifices. One doctor was shocked to find a fragile object in a person's anus.

The patient had something in her vagina

In Honduras, Dr. Marc Cálix is a star. On TikTok, this gynaecologist-obstetrician has nearly 400,000 subscribers thanks to his videos where he gives advice and tells some anecdotes.

Interviewed by Jam Press, this gynaecologist detailed one of the worst cases he encountered during his career. According to him, a patient came to his office because she 'had something unusual in her vagina.'

The patient was, according to his description, exhausted and sleep-deprived because of this discomfort. So the doctor began to examine her. He describes a surprising moment:

When I inserted the speculum, I could see that there was an insect.
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The gynaecologist found a cockroach in her vagina

The insect in question? A cockroach. Dr. Marc Cálix does not give more details (and we thank him for that) but indicates that he managed to extract the cockroach from the vagina of his poor patient.

Indeed, leaving an object (or in this case an insect) too long in the body can cause various health problems, like infections for example. Before leaving the clinic, the doctor advised his patient to see a doctor urgently if she had any unusual symptoms in that area of the body.

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Doctors finally discovered what was living inside this woman for 50 years Doctors finally discovered what was living inside this woman for 50 years