Doctors shocked to find this inside woman's body after she ate chicken

In Kuwait, a woman was admitted to the emergency room with an anus problem. Upon examination, doctors made a strange discovery.

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Doctors at a hospital in Kuwait had to deal with one of the strangest cases they had ever seen. A woman came to their facility several hours after eating chicken. Because she has no upper teeth, this patient couldn't chew properly and this has caused her a rather significant digestive problem.

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A chicken bone stuck in her anus

A few hours before going to the hospital, this 51-year-old woman had eaten chicken. As previously mentioned, she has no upper teeth, which greatly compromises her ability to chew.

Her case was reported in the scientific journal Cureus, and we can learn in the article that this difficulty in chewing has made her used to swallowing her food very quickly. A bad habit, which explains why this patient suffers from chronic constipation.

After having eaten chicken, this patient would have swallowed a chicken bone that would have passed through her entire digestive tract before being blocked at the exit...

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A V-shaped bone

Fortunately for the patient, this V-shaped chicken bone did not do any damage during transit. Propriety rules prohibit us from sharing photographic details (you can find them in the Cureus article) but as she went to the bathroom, she was unable to evacuate the object. Doctors stated:

Upon examination, the chicken bone was seen inside the anus with a sharp edge embedded in the mucosal wall. While a plain pelvic radiograph did not visualize the BF, a pelvic CT scan with a 3D illustration showed its dimensions (5.0 x 2.5 x 3 cm). A plain pelvic CT confirmed the presence of the bone-contrasted BF in the anal canal without injuring the surrounding anatomic structures.

After discovering the foreign body, surgeons applied gel and pulled gently to dislodge it, with success. One week after the operation, this patient has had no after-effects, but the doctors have advised her to chew her food a little longer in the future.

This article has been translated from Gentside FR.

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This woman died for 40 minutes, doctors were shocked by what they saw in her body This woman died for 40 minutes, doctors were shocked by what they saw in her body