One Woman Decided To Grow Out Her Nails for a Shocking Reason

Arinda Storm Weaver very rarely cuts her toenails. In fact, they have gotten so long that she can no longer wear shoes. But the reason she doesn't cut them will surprise you.

Obscenely long nails
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Obscenely long nails

All-day long Arinda Storm Weaver'sfingers and toes are busy carrying around the weight of her obscenely long nails. Her nails are actually a prized feature for Weaver as not only do they bring in shocked stares, but also money. Arinda told the Metro:

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My toenails are rarer thus making them more popular than the fingernails. The long toenail community is a very distinct section of the foot community.

The 58-year-old who lives in Ohio claims that toenails are in high demand and has been able to make a living off of selling videos of her long nails at just £11.50 per video. This phenomenon has caused Arinda to stop clipping her toenails and also let her retire from her account specialist job.

Arinda discovered the demand for nail content after while recovering from surgery in 2006 where she decided to show off her long fingernails on Myspace and was meet with an increasing amount of requests.

Weaver now has an Instagram for her nails but despite the economic benefits Weaver revealed that she has had to make sacrifices as her nails are now so long she can no longer wear shoes:

Wearing closed-toed shoes is not possible with my toenails. I also cannot wear heels any longer. They tend to make me walk slower and I also cannot run with them.
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