15 Years After Their One Night Stand, This Woman Is Searching For Her Daughter's Father

One British lady has turned to social media in an earnest atempt to seek out the possible Welshman who is the father of her child. Watch the video for the full story!

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15 years ago, Terri Reid had a one-night stand. But now the Briton has decided that it is about time she began the search for the man involved. This is mainly because their wild nighttime adventure encountered some substantial aftermath...

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"I think he was in the town on holiday with his friend and their families so he couldn't have been much older than I was at the time, maybe a year or two," she said.
"I was out with my friend, her brother and we ended up in a nightclub in the middle of Blackpool.
"It's not there any more and I can't remember its name."
Terri Reid and her daughter Media Wales

During this time, Terri ended up getting pregnant and the father had no idea. Terri has now turned to the public to help herdaughter, Chanell, find the father.

"He was certainly a Welshman and he could have been called Liam...It would be nice if he was out there somewhere and he probably would like to know he has a daughter" says Terri.

Their hope is that the man will see the public announcements, recognise Terri, and come forward tomeet his daughter.

Check out the video above for more on Terri's wild story...

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